Red Dead Wins X-Play Awards, ShortList Best Game

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The awards keep rolling in...

G4TV has awarded Red Dead Redemption in two categories of their X-Play's Best of 2010 Awards line-up:

Click the X-Play link and watch a short video of each winner. Thanks to our frineds at Rockstar Spy for the tip!

Moving right along, Red Dead Redemption and Rockstar Games take top prize as #1 in's 10 Best Games Of 2010.

"Rockstar may be behind GTA, but this is their crowning achievement. An epic game that sucked us in and held us in its power until long after the credits rolled on the single player story. Incredibly diverse it was easy to get lost in the seemingly limitless side quests. We dedicated an entire afternoon to picking flowers for God’s sake. Flowers!"

As mentioned on Twitter and an update to the previous news post, Go to and vote for Red Dead Redemption as the Readers' Choice. Simply click on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, choose a category, and vote for Red Dead Redemption under the listed winner! That easy!

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