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Many familiar faces from Red Dead Redemption will return in the crazy world of Undead Nightmare. Take a peek at some of them - whether they live or not you'll need to find out for yourself.

Meet the Marstons

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John Marston

Red Dead Redemption's main protagonist. Marston is a retired criminal who cleaned up his part of the West while federal agents held his family. They are back in his arms but not for long.

Voiced by Rob Wiethoff

Abigail Marston

Wife of John who also left a troubled past to start anew.

Voiced by Sophia Marzocchi

John "Jack" Marston Jr.

John's little boy, but not for long. Raised with books and values being shown the wild frontier.

Voiced by Josh Blaylock

Other People along the way

Abraham Reyes

Mexico's newest leader but not so much for the better. Bit of an ego problem too.

Voiced by Josh Segarra

Bonnie MacFarlane

A headstrong woman working in a man's world. Bonnie is tough on the outside but inside she has soft spots for her family and their ranch.

Voiced by Kimberly Irion

D.S. MacKenna

His feet are in the dust but his head is in the clouds. He wants to make a great movie.

Voiced by Jay O. Sanders


One of Marshal Johnson's deputies. This one is none too bright but has heart.

Voiced by Frank Noon

Harold MacDougal

Harold is a professor of anthropology from Yale that was on a vacation from work.

Voiced by Joe Ochman


Another of Marshal Johnson's deputies with an attitude and stories longer than his Pinocchio nose.

Voiced by Brad Carter

Landon Ricketts

A famous gunslinger of the West, now hiding out from the world he once ruled in his younger years.

Voiced by Ross Hagen

Marshal Leigh Johnson

Marshal Johnson has served the people of Armadillo for years and keeps them safe with his two deputies.

Voiced by Anthony De Longis

Moses Forth

Who needs enemies when you have friends like Moses? Colleague of Seth.

Voiced by John Bella


Native American unsure about life on a reservation. He longs for the open West the way it used to be.

Voiced by Banjamin Byron Davis

Nigel West Dickens

Your run-of-the-mill traveling salesman with a wagon full of miracle cure-all medicines. He could convince you to eat your shoes!

Voiced by Don Creech

Seth Briars

The gold rush hit many people. Seth took quite a blow to the head. He wants nothing but wealth and fortune.

Voiced by Kevin Glikmann


Old-timer who did his time at the ranch and would rather hit the bottle than work anymore.

Voiced by Spider Madison

Vincente de Santa

Former captain in the Mexican Army. He's brutal to civilians and possibly "into" other men...

Voiced by Hector Luis Bustamante

Jimmy Saint

A humored city boy from the East Coast. Jimmy wanted to capture the spirit of the West for a New York magazine.

Voiced by Paul De Boy

The Zombies

Normal Undead

Normal Undead are typically slow but have the ability to run when needed. They like to grapple and bite.


Bolters can scurry across the ground very quickly. Harder to hit but they are also more susceptible to damage.


Bruisers are slow and heavy but watch out when they charge at you. They can also melee when within reaching distance.


Retchers are repulsive glowing creatures that spit their green goo which inflicts damage and impairs movement. They also explode when killed.