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In addition to the multiplayer modes in the original Red Dead Redemption, the Undead Nightmare disc contains additional modes, maps, weapons, and avatars from Legends and Killers Pack, Liars and Cheats Pack, and of course Undead Nightmare Pack. The new modes are listed below.

Free Roam

The following are added to Free Roam. Players without the Undead Nightmare disc or appropriate DLC will see a faded icon on their map but can still partake in certain things such as the additional gang hideouts and Land Grab. Those players cannot initiate the feature, though, and need to have someone with the disc or DLC to do so.

Poker and Liar's Dice Games


Sit down and take part in a friendly cards or dice game against other players.

Hunting Grounds


Earn XP by hunting certain animals in a given location. The animals you are after are not ones that run away. This task is the same as the hunting challenges with a legendary animal to finish the hunting area.

Land Grab


A non-team-based capture the flag, however, posses can still team up. Stay near the wooden post as long as you can to rack up XP.

Competitive Modes

Competitive modes can be entered by either finding markers around the map or selecting from a playlist.



Two teams fight to take control of an area similar to capture the flag. Certain locations have special features such as cannons or a bonus safe to crack.

Horse Races


A simple but deadly race against other players around various locations. Watch your horse's stamina - and your opponents - very carefully.

Undead Overrun


Defend graveyard areas from undead hordes in a multiplayer version of Undead Nightmare's graveyard clearing minigame. The waves are endless but time is not.