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From early reports, Red Dead Redemption was said to vastly expand on multiplayer modes. Now, with a range of new, innovative forms of classic team-based and free-for-all games, and a revolutionary new Free Roam mode that's unlike anything ever seen before, Red Dead Redemption raises the bar for open-world multiplayer gaming. See for yourself!

Free Roam

Free Roam brings the open-world experience to multiplayer with up to 16 players and the opportunity to form posses of up to 8 players to take on the world's gang hideouts, ambient challenges, and each other. Your lobby is the wide open world with the freedom to roam the wilderness, hunting or creating shootouts before heading into competitive game modes. You can level-up with every major action. Each level yields new avatars, outfits, mounts, playlists and challenges!

There are four types of Free Roam available. Private matches inherit the difficulty type from the free roam you choose:
  • Normal
  • Hardcore - no auto-aim, blips only when players run/shoot
  • Friendly - cannot directly kill other players
  • Private - just you and whoever you invite in



Sometimes you need a little help when faced with an entire gang. Form posses with your friends to take on gang hideouts and ambient challenges within Free Roam, or have your posse leader bring you into competitive matches at any time. Posses can always hear each other talk over voice chat, no matter how far apart they may be.

Gang Hideouts


Just like the single-player experience, certain areas of the multiplayer world are overrun by bandits and outlaws who have hideouts. Gather up your posse or any other available players in Free Roam, ride out to find these hideouts, and take them out!

Check out a guide to the online Red Dead Redemption hideouts here.

Ambient Challenges


Are you a hunter, a survivalist, or perhaps a shootist? The entire multiplayer world is filled with ambient challenges. Whether you're alone, with other Free Roam players, or with your posse you can discover unmarked hunting areas to take down waves of deadly predators, track down rare fauna in Survivalist Challenges, or earn yourself the title of Public Enemy by marauding towns and taking on the law!

Check out guides to challenges below:

Competitive Modes

Competitive modes can be entered by either finding markers around the map or selecting a mode from a playlist. Each town or geographical area has its own set of objectives for each mode. Red Dead Redemption's competitive multiplayer serves up classic multiplayer match modes with a distinctly Western twist: every match starts with players eye-to-eye in a classic showdown. Experience team-based Gang matches, Free-For-All Shootouts and classic Capture The Bag modes in specially designed locations within Red Dead Redemption's vast and beautifully detailed open world.


Players begin with a stand-off where all characters are facing each other or posses facing each other if in team mode. When the game begins, everyone starts shooting until there's one player. They then have the advantage of finding the best weapons or hiding spots.



Deathmatch, Western style. It's you versus everyone else - try not to die. Keep an eye out for better weapons scattered across the area and use Dead Eye pickups to refill your Dead Eye meter, helping you take down enemies quickly.

Gold Rush

Your priority is to grab as many bags of gold as you can find, and take them to the nearest chests - killing comes second. You can grab up to two bags of gold at once, but all that weight will slow you down.

Gang Shootout


Team Deathmatch on the frontier. Work with your team to pin down enemies and rack up kill streaks.

Hold Your Own

Infiltration and theft. Each team has a base and a bag. Steal the other team's bag and bring it to your base. In larger areas, strategic use of horses and ballistic weapons placements will keep opponents on their toes.

Grab the Bag

One bag, one chest, two teams. Stake your ground, and defend the chest until a bag appears. Once it arrives, grab it and take it to your base to score.



Similar to the ambient challenges in Free Roam mode, the Competitive Multiplayer modes also offer challenges that will unlock experience points and other perks. Weapon-based challenges for getting a certain number of kills or headshots with a specific gun will earn you the golden version of that weapon and additional challenges will reward you with XP and a custom title for your gunslinger.

Check out guides to challenges below:

Additional Info

Some other useful information when playing online modes in RDR.
  • Crates: Not only can you get weapons and ammo from crates, but you can also fill up your Dead Eye meter as well. Look for the gun and green kit icons next to each other on your map.
  • Online Dead Eye: The Dead Eye Targeting system is in the online modes, however, you can't slow down time. You can still paint targets on enemies and then release a fury of bullets to take them out.
  • Online Title Guide: Online Titles and Requirements
  • XP Guide: Fastest Ways to Get XP

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Downloadable Content

Don't forget to check out the Red Dead Redemption Downloadable Content page for info about expansions into multiplayer! Rockstar keeps adding more fun!