Social Club Challenges

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There are many additional challenges for Red Dead Redemption available only to members of the Rockstar Games Social Club. These challenges unlock new cheats or other things for you to enjoy! You can check out the leaderboards and compare your score here.

Pike's Basin

The first of many Challenges created exclusively for Social Club members. Get ready to have your Dead Eye skills, lasso expertise, and riding abilities put to the test. This Challenge is in effect only after you have completed the “Justice in Pike’s Basin” mission and have cleared the Gang Hideout here at least once.

  • Kill 3 people in one Dead Eye burst
  • Drag a gang member through the basin
  • Kill all enemies while on horseback
Reward: Guns Blazing Cheat

Solomon's Folly (PS3 or GOTY Edition Only)

The Solomon's Folly Challenge is available to all PS3 owning members of Social Club. This Challenge occurs at a small gang hideout South of Benedict Point. A local sheriff has tracked a bank robbing gang there and needs your help retrieving the safe they stole. Safe cracking skills and precision with a gun are requirements for this Challenge.

  • Crack the safe on the first try
  • Get 3 headshots while driving the wagon
  • Fire 15 shots at most
Reward: Every Shot Counts Cheat

Gaptooth Breach

In a mine located in Gaptooth Ridge, a gang of treasure hunters is hiding out, hoarding money and explosives. If you can muster your bravery enough, you can take back what they stole. This Challenge requires your skills in robbery, ecology expertise, and precision with a gun.

  • Collect $200 in loot from the gang
  • Find 2 Desert Sage Plants
  • Get 5 headshots in a row
Reward: Gun Set #3 Cheat

Twin Rocks

An innocent life is at stake in the Twin Rocks challenge. Do you and your best weapon have what it takes to rescue the farmer’s daughter from a group of bloodthirsty gang members? The gang has snipers perched on the high-ground just waiting for challengers looking to take back the ranch compound that is under their control.

  • Shoot the hat off 2 enemies
  • Kill 3 enemies with a knife
  • Disarm 3 enemies
Reward: Clear Bounty Cheat

Legendary Marksman

Grab your most trusted weapon and head off in search of any one of the trains slowly crawling their way across the West. Once safely aboard, your nerves and shooting skills will be put to the test as you must do all of the challenge requirements while in expert targeting mode. You must complete the Sharpshooter Rank 4 Ambient Challenge before this challenge will be available.

  • Kill 20 animals or humans
  • Get 5 kills in one Dead Eye burst
  • Set Targeting mode to expert for the entire ride
Rewards: Beastmaster Cheat


A skirmish has broken out at Nosalida and the Mexican army wants your help in taking care of a "problem" they have been experiencing with the rebels. You’ll need to put your Legendary Marksman skills to good use as part of this week’s challenge, but you’ll also need to warm up your throwing arm and study your treasure maps to conquer this challenge.

  • Kill 5 rebels with fire bottles
  • Find 3 treasure chests
  • Disarm 2 enemies
Reward: Rise Up Cheat

Fort Mercer

Breaking into an isolated fortress with armed lookouts is a tall enough order, but add a handful ruthless gang members to the mix and you can see where this is headed. Grab the best shotgun you can find and make sure your aim is steady, you're going to need both to make it back outside the walls of Fort Mercer alive and with the Challenge successfully notched under your belt.

  • Kill 10 enemies with a shotgun
  • Hogtie 3 prostitutes
  • Disarm 3 enemies
Reward: Dead-Eye Level 3 Cheat


Blackwater is the center of a new civilization and in keeping with a more "civil" theme the challenge is less about gun play and more about your card play. The Blackwater Challenge has a host of poker-centric challenges for those gamblers with pockets deep enough to take the plunge.

  • Win 2 pots on a bluff
  • Knock 1 person out of the game
  • You always bet less than the pot
Reward: Punchout Cheat

NOTE: You need to put on the Gentleman's Attire outfit and complete this at the high-stakes poker table.


A ghost town no longer, Tumbleweed has become a haven for the lowest of the low. Stepping up to play the hero again, you need to rescue the sheriff and then help him clear out the rest of the riff-raff that is located in an abandoned mansion.

  • Kill 5 enemies with a knife
  • Find 3 treasure chests
  • Execute 2 enemies
Reward: Gun Set #4 Cheat

Tesoro Azul

In Tesoro Azul you need to help the law, rescuing one of their deputies that has been taken hostage by a gang of banditos. Is your aim sure enough to save the deputy without using Dead Eye?

  • Kill gang leader without Dead Eye
  • Kill 7 enemies with throwing knives
  • Find 3 treasure chests
Reward: Right to Bear Arms Cheat