Weapons of the West

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By the early years of the 20th century, change was coming fast to the American frontier - and nothing brought change faster then the rapid evolution of weapons technology.

From hand-packed muskets to repeater rifles, from single shot pistols to the iconic revolver and the terrifying early machine guns that forever changed the face of war - these are John Marston's tools, and the weapons of Red Dead Redemption.

There's a few categories to choose from during gameplay...


Of course you can go bare fists if all else fails. Next up is the trusty hunting knife for a close-quarter slashfest. For long distance, try the lasso to reach out to your enemies.
  • Fist
  • Hunting Knife

Thrown Weapons

Get some distance but with the need to aim well ahead of your target.
  • Dynamite
  • Fire Bottle

Pistols & Revolvers

Little guys that get the job done.
  • Semi-automatic Pistol
  • Schofield Revolver
  • Volcanic Pistol
  • Double-action Revolver
  • LeMat Revolver
  • High Power Pistol


Lots of power up close.
  • Double-barreled Shotgun
  • Pump-action Shotgun
  • Semi-auto Shotgun


Power with longer range.
  • Evans Repeater
  • Henry Repeater
  • Winchester Carbine
  • Springfield Repeater
  • Bolt Action Rifle
  • Buffalo Rifle

Scoped Rifles

Surprise your enemies from a distance using era sniper rifles.
  • Carcano Rifle
  • Rolling Block Rifle

Mounted Weapons

Securing a stronghold can be made easy with mounted weaponry.
  • Gatling Gun
  • Maxim Gun
  • Cannon

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Exquisite Taste Achievement/Trophy

Along with achievements and trophies for killing houndreds of enemies with the different weapon categories, there is also Exquisite Taste where you collect rare, high-end weapons from around the world of Red Dead Redemption. These are also needed to obtain 100% completion. They are:
  • LeMat Revolver
  • Mauser Pistol
  • Semi-auto Shotgun
  • Evans Repeater
  • Carcano Rifle

Downloadable Content (DLC)

The following weapons are available in various Downloadable Content (DLC) packs:
  • Tomahawk - Legends and Killers Pack
  • Explosive Rifle - Liars and Cheats Pack
  • Bait (Undead and Boom Bait) - Undead Nightmare
  • Blunderbuss Rifle - Undead Nightmare
  • Holy Water - Undead Nightmare
  • Torch - Undead Nightmare