Wildlife and Other Creatures

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A round up of the different animals and other creatures running around the world of Red Dead Redemption. There are approximately 40 in the game with male and female versions of many. Some are cute and cuddly while others are not afraid to rip your face off! Take a look at which ones to stay away from in Red Dead Redemption and what they are worth to you.

NOTE: The information presented on this page was gathered from images, videos, previews, reviews, and fan input. Topic here. Big thanks to Fettsplace for much of the information posted!

Hunting Priceguide

There are many different items acquired after skinning animals in Red Dead Redemption with many different places to sell. Your honor rating also influences the amount of money you get. Check out the full Red Dead Redemption priceguide here.

The Animals


Odd little guys just trying to cover their butts in the Wild West.

Locations: Desert areas. Around Armadillo, Ridgewood Farm, etc.
Trading Post: Meat, Carapace (shell)


You can see a colony of bats flying out into the sky at 6:00 PM in two locations.

Locations: Above the basement entrance of Tumbleweed mansion or behind Thieves Landing blacksmith.
Trading Post: Can't kill them


The largest predator you will run into is the grizzly bear. Grizzlies are big, ferocious, and could kill you with one swipe of their paw.

Locations: All over Tall Trees and sometimes near Beecher's Hope
Trading Post: Fur, Meat, Claws, Teeth, Heart [More info]


Chomping trees and building dams. Find these creatures by streams.

Locations: Near water along Southern West Elizabeth and northern snowy areas of Tall Trees.
Trading Post: Fur, Meat


Part of the sheep family, the large horns can be one-tenth of their body weight and worth a good price.

Locations: Around the hills surrounding Tanner's Reach in Tall Trees and Manzanita Post.
Trading Post: Meat, Skin, Horns


These hogs can provide a good amount of food. They're large but they can run pretty quick.

Locations: Northeastern area of the map. Around Manzanita Post, South of Blackwater, and down into Thieves Landing.
Trading Post: Skin, Meat, Tusks


Small, agile, but just as deadly as their bigger cousins.

Locations: South of Escalera, West of Agave Viejo, between El Presidio and Torquemada and also around Bearclaw Camp/Tall Trees.
Trading Post: Fur, Meat, Claws


Bison roamed the open plains. They make for a great deal of food but take some effort to be taken down unless you have the Buffalo Rifle at hand.

Locations: The Great Plains Southwest of Blackwater.
Trading Post: Skin, Meat, Horns [More info]


Cattle are among the domesticated animals you will find.

Locations: In and around farms. Random strays can be found out in open areas nearby.
Trading Post: Meat, Hide


Your average cluckers. There are also roosters to point at and say "haha, cock..."

Locations: Most populated settlements.
Trading Post: Feathers


Also known as mountain lions. They creep along trails waiting for a meal to wander by.

Locations: Outside Blackwater, all around Silent Stead, near Fort Mercer, and in the snowy regon of Tall Trees.
Trading Post: Meat, Pelt, Claws, Fangs [More info]


One of two wild dog-like predators. You're typically safe on your horse, but not off it.

Locations: Around Hanging Rock north of Armadillo, on the hills surrounding MacFarlane's Ranch, or other open desert areas.
Trading Post: Pelt, Meat


Smaller yet just as tough as scavangers like the vultures. A group of crows is called a "murder" for a reason.

Locations: Thieves Landing, Manzanita Post, and other areas.
Trading Post: Feathers


Usually quiet and out of the way from civilization. Bucks (males) have large antlers.

Locations: Snowy region of Tall Trees, West of Armadillo, South of Thieves Landing, and other forested areas.
Trading Post: Skin, Meat, Antlers


Domestic dogs can be found around some towns. There are many different types: Mexican Hairless Dog (top), Border Collie (bottom), a Husky, a Mutt, a Labrador, and another possibly a rottweiler.

Locations: Most populated towns. Breeds vary.
Trading Post: Fur, Meat


Watch your respect level crash and burn when you hop on this rugged beast of travel across the rocky territories.

Locations: Nuevo Paraiso
Trading Post: Hide, Meat


Ponds provide a good place for these quacks to hang around.

Locations: Around the edge of Lake Don Julio in southeast Cholla Springs and swamps west of Thieves Landing
Trading Post: Feathers


Proud, majestic symbols of this great country exploding in the air from a gun shot to the head.

Locations: Soaring in northern Tall Trees usually near snowy Nekoti Rock.
Trading Post: Feathers


A little bigger and tougher than deer. Males have large antlers.

Locations: North of Manzanita Post and in the snowy region of Tall Trees.
Trading Post: Skin, Meat, Antlers [More info]


Small, quick, cunning and sly. Not too much worry for you, though.

Locations: Tall Trees down into Beecher's Hope. Also check at the Wreck of the Serendipity.
Trading Post: Fur, Meat


It was revealed that the goats from TBoGT Weasel News video were from Red Dead Redemption.

Locations: Critchley's Ranch and inside the towns in Mexico.
Trading Post: Meat


Keen-eyed flying killers that feed on smaller animals.

Locations: The plains around Warthington Ranch, other open areas, Tall Trees.
Trading Post: Feathers


The most obvious of animals in RDR is horses. There are three different wild horses for you to find over the course of the game for the achievement/trophy along with deeds for better ones having more speed and stamina.

Locations: Kentucky Saddler: New Austin, Hungarian Half-bred: Nuevo Paraiso, American Standardbred: West Elizabeth. Buy deeds from general stores.
Trading Post: Hide, Meat


Hootin' birds of the night. No threat to you but they can help creep you out in the dark.

Locations: Around Nekoti Rock in Tall Trees, in Beecher's Hope and around Chuparosa.
Trading Post: Feathers


The domesticated boar. Best to have roasting over a fire.

Locations: In the pen next to your room in Thieves Landing and Warthington Ranch
Trading Post: Meat


Little Bunny Foo Foo makes for a quick meal.

Locations: Around MacFarlane's Ranch, dry areas such as the land around Armadillo, Tall Trees, and other locations.
Trading Post: Meat


Curious thieves of the night. Don't let their cute exterior fool you.

Locations: Late at night look around the outskirts of Armadillo, Hennigan's Stead, Great Plains, and other places.
Trading Post: Fur, Meat [More info]


Flying around the coastal shores, screeching their sweet songs.

Locations: In Blackwater especially around the docks.
Trading Post: Feathers


Good for clothing and other related things.

Locations: In a pen in Armadillo next to the train tracks.
Trading Post: Skin, Meat


You know them, you've smelled them, and now you can hunt them.

Locations: Around Armadillo behind some of the shops late at night, Hennigan's Stead, and in Eastern Nuevo Paraiso.
Trading Post: Fur, Meat


Better watch your step for rattlesnakes. They are all over.

Locations: All open areas. Listen for the rattle sound.
Trading Post: Skin [More info]


Singing away with songs of "shoot me! I'm right here!" and similar banter. Small blue and yellow birds.

Locations: Open areas with some trees such as Rio Bravo and Hennigan's Stead.
Trading Post: Feathers


After taking out a few enemies, vultures will appear to feast on your kills. Shoot them to start the Sharpshooter Challenge.

Locations: Wherever you kill a bunch of people. Typically desert areas.
Trading Post: Feathers [More info]


The second dog-like predator. Worse than coyotes because they are bigger and have no fear.

Locations: South of Blackwater, North of MacFarlane's Ranch, Tall Trees, and also in Rio Del Lobo plus other areas.
Trading Post: Pelt, Meat, Heart [More info]

Legendary Animals

There are 4 rare animals that appear for the Master Hunter Challenge. They are also in Multiplayer.

Khan the Jaguar

In single player he can be found near Ojo del Diablo for MH Level 9. In multiplayer he shows up after killing multiple waves of cougars near Tanner's Reach in Tall Trees, West Elizabeth.

Trading Post: Meat, Pelt, Fang, Heart

Lobo the Wolf

In singleplayer Lobo can be found near Aurora Basin for MH Level 10. In multiplayer find him in Barranca, Perdido for MH II: Rank 2. Lobo will appear after killing waves of wolves that spawn.

Trading Post: Meat, Fur, Heart

Gordo the Boar

In singleplayer Gordo can be found near Stillwater Creek for MH Level 10. In multiplayer he can be found in Greenhollow, New Austin for MH II: Rank 2. Gordo will appear after killing waves of boars that spawn.

Trading Post: Meat, Skin, Tusk, Heart

Brumas the Bear

In singleplayer Brumas can be found at the top of Nekoti Rock or nearbye in Northern Tall Trees for MH Level 10. In multiplayer he can be found at Bearclaw Camp in Tall Trees. Brumas will appear after killing waves of bears that spawn.

Trading Post: Meat, Fur, Teeth, Claw, Heart

Unnatural Selection

In order to receive the Unnatural Selection achievement/trophy, you must kill most of these animals. The exceptions are domesticated and legendary animals. These are not required. There are 26 wild animal species to kill in Red Dead Redemption including at least one wild horse.

Downloadable Content (DLC)

Some of the Red Dead Redemption DLC added more animals into the world with Undead Nightmare giving the most including undead versions of the animals above and more.

Liars and Cheats Pack

Included in the Liars and Cheats Pack are four new hunting grounds with each having a new legendary animal that can be found in multiplayer as well:
  • Demi the Cougar: Silent Stead, New Austin
  • Keifer the Wolf: Rio del Lobo, New Austin
  • Roberto the Bobcat: Roca de Madera, Nuevo Paraiso
  • Wilbur the Boar: Broken Tree, West Elizabeth

Undead Nightmare Pack

Undead Nightmare provides a large amount of new or undead animals to interact with - but not usually in a good way:

Undead (typically found in the same areas as alive)
  • Horse
  • Bear
  • Cougar
  • Wolf
  • Boar
  • Bull
  • Coyote
  • Dog
  • Bat (everywhere)
Legendary (includes the Four Horses of the Apocalypse which can be tamed)
  • Chupacabra: Anywhere, Nuevo Paraiso
  • Sasquatch: Tall Trees, West Elizabeth
  • Unicorn: Northwest of Torquemada, Nuevo Paraiso
  • Famine
  • Death
  • Pestilence
  • War

Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack

The Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack only includes the Jackalope which is used in order to get the Expert Hunter outfit. It can be found anywhere rabbits are.