100% Completion Breakdown

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Your 100% progress can be found in the Pause Menu > Stats > General. Other portions of completion can also be found in stats and the rest of the pause menu as well.

If you have a Rockstar Games Social Club account, you can track your progress here. With your console and Social Club accounts synced, your progress will be updated automatically when your console is connected to the internet.

Story Missions [57%]

Each Story Mission is worth 1%. There are 57 total.

Stranger Missions [9%]

There are 18 Stranger Missions worth 0.5% each. "I Know You" does not count towards 100% and is not required to complete the game.

Jobs [2.5%]

There are 5 jobs to complete for Horse Breaking and Nightwatch with each worth 0.5%.
  • Horse Breaking: Ridgewood Farm, Chuparosa
  • Nightwatch: MacFarlane's Ranch, Chuparosa, Blackwater

Bounties [2%]

You need 20 bounties among the three major areas with each worth 0.1%. Each area has multiple locations to obtain a bounty poster.
  • New Austin: 8; MacFarlane's Ranch, Armadillo, Rathskeller Fork
  • Nuevo Paraiso: 8; Escalera, Chuparosa, El Presidio
  • West Elizabeth: 4; Blackwater, Manzanita Post

Gang Hideouts [3.5%]

The 7 gang hideouts throughout the world must be completed at least once. Each hideout is worth 0.5%. Solomon's Folly for PS3/GOTY Edition does not count.
  • Pike's Basin
  • Twin Rocks
  • Fort Mercer
  • Tumbleweed
  • Gaptooth Breach
  • Nosalida
  • Tesoro Azul

Minigames [3%]

Win one of each minigame for 0.5% each. For games such as Five Finger Fillet, you'll need to beat all persons in line. It is possible to scare off all but one for an easy win.
  • Arm Wrestling: Plainview, Agave Viejo, El Matadero, Pacific Union RR Camp
  • Blackjack: Rathskeller Fork, Thieves' Landing, Chuparosa, Blackwater
  • Five Finger Fillet: Armadillo, Thieves' Landing, Escalera, Torquemada, Manzanita Post
  • Horseshoes: MacFarlane's Ranch, Rathskeller Fork, Las Hermanas
  • Liar's Dice: Thieves' Landing, Escalera, Casa Madrugada
  • Poker: MacFarlane's Ranch, Armadillo, Thieves' Landing, Chuparosa, Casa Madrugada, Blackwater Saloon, Blackwater Hotel

Outfits [4.5%]

Unlock the following 9 outfits with each counting as 0.5%.
  • Elegant Suit
  • Bandito Outfit
  • Bollard Twins Outfit
  • Mexican Poncho
  • Rancher Outfit
  • Reyes' Rebels Outfit
  • Treasure Hunter Outfit
  • U.S. Army Outfit
  • U.S. Marshall Outfit

Rare Weapons [2.5%]

Purchase 5 rare weapons from gunsmiths in Escalera and Blackwater. Each is worth 0.5%.
  • Escalera: LeMat Revolver, Semi-auto Shotgun
  • Blackwater: Carcano Rifle, Evans Repeater, Mauser Pistol

Safehouses [2%]

Obtain all 13 regular properties in the game. The two rental properties do not count. Some are given during the story.
  • New Austin: 4; MacFarlane's Ranch, Armadillo, Rathskeller Fork, Thieves' Landing
  • Nuevo Paraiso: 5; Irish's Shack, Escalera, Chuparosa, Casa Madrugada, El Matadero
  • West Elizabeth: 4; Blackwater, Beecher's Hope, Jack's Bed, Manzanita Post

Ambient Challenges [8%]

There are 4 Ambient Challenges to complete throughout the game.
  • Survivalist
  • Sharpshooter
  • Master Hunter
  • Treasure Hunter

Map Locations [6%]

Across the map there are 94 locations to discover. Some are tiny and tucked away in corners of the map or well off major trails. Explore the entire map - you never know what you'll find.