A New Future Imagined

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  • Complete within 7 minutes 30 seconds

A New Future Imagined

John and Abigail get a delivery and decide to have some fun in Blackwater. It's not all games, though, as serious issues lie ahead.

Rewards: -$5.50

Hard work still paying off

Abigail and Uncle are having a loud argument in the house. Abigail says he doesn't do anything and threatens him. Uncle looks for support from John who tells him to do what Abigail says. She storms out as Uncle calls her Abigail Roberts but she corrects him that it's Abigail Marston. On the porch John tells Abigail that Uncle actually has been useful - in a useless way.

A wagon approaches with two people but they can't tell who it is. As they get closer John recognizes the Geddes boys Duncan and Angus. They greet each other. Duncan says their mother found some old furniture stored away and their father wants to give it to the Marstons as a housewarming gift. Abigail is ecstatic. John thinks it's real kind but Duncan reminds him that he saved the ranch. They unload the items next to the house. John thanks the boys and their parents. They have friends for life. The Geddes boys ride off.

The Marstons have plenty of stuff now but they still need some things. Abigail suggests taking a ride into town. They haven't spent time together in a while anyway. Get on the wagon. John will help Abigail up. When she is set drive to Blackwater. John says they can order whatever items they need from the catalog. They are going to Blackwater to have some fun. Not John's old ideas of fun but stuff decent folk do for fun.


Abigail still has errands to run. John at least wants to get their portrait taken with a photographer. Aside from that they can walk around. Abigail worries about cooking dinner but John thinks Jack, Uncle, and Charles can fend for themselves. Might be good for them. Maybe Jack and Charles will eat Uncle.

Having fun

Park the wagon on the street in Blackwater. John helps Abigail down. She heads off to the draper and will meet John in a minute. John leans up on a post and pulls out an old photo of Arthur and Mary plus the ring. He stares at them and a young couple he spots across the street. Abigail comes back so he puts the items away. The portrait means a lot to John. Today especially.

Go to the photo studio at the end of the block. Abigail says John is acting funny. Maybe he's changed or maybe not. Inside the studio John speaks with the photographer who isn't quite paying attention. John asks about a portrait and the photographer finally springs into action. They need a background so he goes over to a wall and explains the various images they have. John takes control of the lever so scroll through the backgrounds as Abigail gives her negative opinion of each.

Confirm a background and the photographer moves John and Abigail in front of it. Now choose a pose. Some have them standing up, others sitting down. Abigail has more comments on the situation. You can preview the photo. When they are in a position you like, confirm to have the picture taken. The photographer runs in the back to develop the picture. Abigail ribs John about his pose. The photographer returns and the couple loves it. John pays him and they walk out.

Abigail is happy but says she has never been to a moving picture show before. Guess they are doing that. Walk across the street to the Imperial Theatre. Inside John says they are playing "Sketching for Sweetheart". Speak with the clerk to buy tickets. He has no idea what the film is about. John and Abigail enter the auditorium and finds seats. Use the cinematic camera to get a better look. You can also put your arm around Abigail. John and Abigail make comments during the show while a man to the left tries to hush them. When the movie ends they walk outside.

Popping the big one

Abigail thinks they should head back to the farm but John wants to go over to the lake. Abigail says he's acting real strange. John might be drowning himself but not literally. Head to the shore. Cinematics show them get into a row boat. Abigail comments that John can barely swim but he doesn't plan on capsizing. Row out into the lake. John doesn't know who's boat it is but they'll have it back soon. When you get out far enough John comments on the view as Abigail looks around. You are given the option to propose to her.

John moves closer to Abigail and gets on his knee. He takes her hands and asks if she'll marry him. Abigail comments he already is but he wants to do it proper. For once Abigail is at a loss of words. John is serious and puts the ring on her finger. He wants to live this life with her and Jack. Abigail didn't think it mattered to John. It didn't until now. Seeing her questions as a possible no, John nearly gives up but Abigail tells him to kiss her. They embrace on the lake as the sun sets.

The next morning John wakes up and gives his new fiancé a kiss before walking out of the bedroom. He strolls past the barn and leans on the perimeter fence to watch the sun lift up above the hill ahead. It's a new day.

Gold Tips

  • Do not waste any time and move around quickly when with Abigail. You'll be stuck with a slow walk.
  • It is entirely possible to follow the roads and make the time objective. You'll even have a little time to pick a background and pose in the photo studio. If you want to save some time during the ride, follow the path in purple above. Basically turn up the hill and crash through the fence. Move along the south side of the tree and follow the ridge over towards Blackwater. Be careful of rocks and small ridges. Avoid large bushes too. Use caution in Blackwater to avoid hitting pedestrians. If they turn hostile the mission will fail.
  • For gold, simply select the first background and default pose at the photo studio. Again, you have a little time to use but you can replay the mission and take the perfect photo of your choice. Each replay photo will be saved.
  • Leave the theater as soon as possible.
  • Propose to Abigail as soon as possible.