The Tool Box

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  • Headshot all Skinner Brothers hiding up trees
  • Find Mr Wayne within 2 minutes 15 seconds
  • Complete using only sidearms
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

The Tool Box

John picks out a new home and grabs some lumber. They'll need tools from Manzanita Post but a local gang has been roughing up the area.


Material world

John speaks with a salesman at the lumber yard. He's thinks Uncle was talking crazy about pre-made houses but the salesman pulls out a catalog to show him the latest in modern convenience. John looks over the selection as the salesman says he can have a house for him within a few weeks or sooner. John picks one and gives the salesman his proof of credit from the bank. Fantastic. A name here, a signature there, and John is now the owner of a factory-built home. The salesman - Albert Cakes Esquire - introduces himself to "Mr. Martin".

Later on Charles along with two men come to check on John who is loading up lumber on two wagons. He says a man was attacked near the ranch by a nasty group called the Skinner Brothers. Charles left Uncle there armed to the teeth and hired two extra guns for protection. John doesn't want to pay for extra people but protecting his new home is worth it. Charles splits them up. Mr. Devon is with him and Mr. Wayne is with John. They are going up to Manzanita Post since a Norwegian man there is the best blacksmith around. They need to buy tools to build the house. Wayne knows the blacksmith - Nils - and can get a good deal. All four load up.

Follow Charles who is driving the lead wagon. During the ride Wayne asks about Charles and explains the usefulness of having hired guns protecting a wagon. Wayne is oblivious to the man he is talking to about wagon robberies. He boasts about his skills and goes on about his family including his wife and kids. As you get to the forest Wayne mentions the blacksmith Nils is the best around - Viking blood. He's a little awkward, though.

Stop the wagon in front of the shop and go find Nils with Wayne. He's around the left side. Wayne will do the talking. The conversation is awkward as expected but Nils grabs tools and puts them on the wagon. They'll add it to the lumber yard bill. John and Wayne get back on the wagon. Continue to follow Charles. Wayne mentions he looked at Beecher's Hope but thought it was too much work.

New neighbors

As you move through the forest arrows begin to whiz by. Wayne gets struck in the shoulder. Both wagons pull off to the side and the men take cover. Fend off the Skinner Brothers Gang. There are fifteen all around to the left and right among the trees. Some have guns, some have arrows, and a few will rush you with hatchets so keep an eye out. The last one will flee.


When they are all dead the men regroup. Devon and Charles are okay. More Skinners grab the tools and Wayne before running off. Devon is told to guard the wagons while John and Charles go after them. Pursue the kidnappers into the woods. Wayne calls out for help. You find a group of eight in a semicircle with two up in trees. Wipe them out and keep moving. A group of three turns into thirteen as more kidnappers appear. Again some try to rush you so keep an eye out. If you get tackled you need to break free.

Wipe them out and search around for Mr. Wayne. Among some trees and rocks you'll find the tools plus Wayne held against a tree by a spike going through his head. Pick up the tools while Charles grabs Wayne's body. Return to the wagons. Charles says they nearly split Wayne's head in two. Put the tools in the lead wagon while Charles and Devon get Wayne back onto the second. Hop on the lead wagon with Charles and drive to Beecher's Hope.

Charles tells John the Skinners move around. They are here for now. Lucky John. Hopefully they just put an end to the bloodshed. Back at the ranch John yells for Uncle who stumbles over. So much for keeping guard. They'll unload the wagons and then Charles will take Devon back into town plus give Wayne a proper burial. Charles is confident they scared the Skinners away for now. Later John is sitting at the campfire as Abigail's voice reads parts of her letter. John finishes his coffee and gets up.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy outside of finding Mr. Wayne.
  • You can only use pistols or the Sawed-Off Shotgun during the mission.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. Try to save some for the enemies in the trees during the chase.
  • There are only two enemies in the trees you need to headshot. They are among the first group while chasing after Mr. Wayne.
  • There is no overall headshot or accuracy objective but you'll want to take out the enemies quickly to save your health.
  • There is plenty of cover for both sides throughout the fight.
  • Mr. Wayne can be found in the middle of the last search area. You won't actually see or find him. Go to the tool box in the middle of the trees and Mr. Wayne will appear at the tree to the west with Charles.