A New Jerusalem

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  • Hammer the nails in with 80% accuracy
  • Complete within 3 minutes 35 seconds

A New Jerusalem

John, Charles, and Uncle get to work building John's new home. More accurately two of the three do.


Construction for dummies

Uncle is looking over the plans to the house. He tells John he'll do the reading and planning while John does the building. Typical Uncle. First they need to set the foundation. With Uncle destined to end up in the ground - on his own or with John's help - it's on Charles to help John move the heavy beams. Charles mentions the Skinners may come back but not for a while. They grab hammers and get to work before the rain arrives.

A time lapse shows the foundation stones being set and some of the lumber going into place while "House Build" by David Ferguson plays. Back in control, help lift and move a beam. Then hammer a nail into it. Repeat for a few more. You may notice a curious blue jay hanging around. Night falls and the men take their meal. The next morning they get back work. The floor is next so nail the boards in. Another day complete.

Next are the walls. Help lift the framing into place. The following day it's time for the wall coverings so nail the boards up. They manage to get most of the roof on too. Day breaks again and John is putting the roof shingles on. Nail them in and place the ridge caps. After placing the last one of the night John says that's everything. He has a home - Uncle and Charles too. They have a toast.


John sits down and writes a letter to Abigail as memories of recent events play out. He admits he is a fool and will die as such but he purchased a home and the land she wanted at Beecher's Hope. John talks about Geddes assisting him and Uncle helping out. Charles too. They all built the home for her. John pleads for Abigail to return to him.

A few days later John exits and admires his new home in the morning sun. He looks around for Uncle who seems to have disappeared again.

Gold Tips

  • Do not waste any time and follow the prompts.
  • It is entirely possible to mash the hammer button and make the accuracy objective. If you have difficulty try to hit them in rhythm with John.