A Quick Favor for an Old Friend

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  • Force Cortez's men to flee from Rhodes within 30 seconds
  • Get 5 headshots while covering Sadie with a long scoped rifle
  • Get 4 hip fire kills
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

A Quick Favor for an Old Friend

Uncle attempts to help John buy a barn. They find Sadie who has another bounty for John to help with. It's dangerous but he needs the money.


Talk the talk

Uncle is relaxing at a fine spot on the hill overlooking John's ranch. John once again yells at him for doing nothing. Uncle asks about reincarnation and says he hopes to come back as a young person so he can push John into the grave faster. As for the work that needs to be done, Uncle says this isn't much of a plant type of farm and John should get cattle or goats instead. He doesn't like either so maybe sheep. They'll need a barn and of course they can get one from a catalog just like the house. John doesn't like Mr. Cakes but Uncle will deal with him.

Mount your horse and ride to the lumber yard in Blackwater. Uncle sides with the salesman saying John looks like a sucker. He needs to work on his composure when buying things. When you arrive speak with the Lumber Salesman - the forgetful Albert - just inside the gate. John says they need a barn while Uncle berates his sales practices. John picks one and Albert says it is in stock. They'll have it ready soon.

With that settled they need money to pay for it. At the bank Mr. Atherton explains that he likes John and so does Mr. Geddes but he finds Uncle very annoying. John and Uncle are seen walking the street later. John hates begging and watching Uncle make a fool of himself. Sadie finds them and says hello to both. John asks if she has work since his debt is climbing. Sadie has a dangerous job she wouldn't do alone but with John's help it should work out. John agrees. He mounts up and tells Uncle to inform the bank he has money coming in and to get a crew together for the barn.

Easy bounty

Sadie says the bounty is in Painted Sky. John knows the place so he'll lead. Ride there. Sadie isn't sure how fresh her lead is. An encyclopedia salesman saw a Mexican-looking fellow hanging around. The bounty - Ramon Cortez - is in the area since he split from his gang called the Del Lobos. They are from New Austin and made up of people from various backgrounds - similar to Dutch's gang. Sadie mentions how places out there are still quite wild. The sheriff in Tumbleweed is trying to keep things together. Maybe John can help him. John talks about his run-in with the Skinner Brothers and his house getting built.

At Painted Sky they split up. Sadie takes the house so go to the barn. The door is locked so either break it or kick the doors in. Enter the barn and John calls out for Ramon. He tackles John from behind so break free and give Ramon Cortez a good punch to take him alive. John gets him at gun point and Sadie runs over. She hits him with her gun to knock him out. John loads Ramon onto Sadie's horse.

Ride to the sheriff in Rhodes with Sadie. John questions going back there but she says it's different now. Ramon begins to wake and tells them his men are meeting him at Dewberry Creek. They'll pay more than the bounty. Sadie tells him to shut up. Head down to the river and cinematics take you into Rhodes. Continue to follow Sadie and dismount at the hotel. Grab Ramon Cortez and bring him over to the Sheriff's Office. He offers money to kill Sadie but John wants none of it.

Inside the office the sheriff is happy to have Ramon who offers $2000 of gold in exchange for his release. The sheriff says they are taking him to St. Denis to watch him hang. He asks Sadie and John to stay until his men arrive. The sheriff mentions how he spent years cleaning up this town and won't let it return to the old days.

Break out

A few days pass and a group of men on horseback arrive. The leader - with a slight Spanish accent - calls out to Sheriff Thomas and orders the release of his friend in ten seconds. The sheriff grabs his gun and refuses. With Sadie at the door, John kicks it open and takes cover on the opposite side.

Take out the attackers - Del Lobos. There are six of them in front of the building. Kill three and the others will run west. Head outside and continue the fight. Four more are around the other end of the street. Kill them. The last one will flee as an explosion is heard. Sadie and John run back to the sheriff who says they blew a hole in his jail. Ramon is gone. Sadie wants payment but the sheriff says he doesn't get paid unless Ramon makes it to St. Denis. Sadie begins to threaten him but they settle on an extra $75 to bring Ramon back.


Mount your horse and follow Sadie. Ramon mentioned Dewberry Creek so they'll look there. John pokes fun at Sadie getting robbed again but this time it was both of them. The sheriff is a decent person so he'll pay up if they return Ramon. John thinks it's odd they would take $200 from a sheriff to get a bounty but not $2000 from an outlaw to let him go. Sadie reminds him that a bounty hunter needs to be loyal to the ones offering the bounties. That's what she intends to do.

Not so easy bounty

Near Dewberry Creek she spots a glowing fire under a railroad bridge. Might be them. They'll stay on the road to find a good vantage point. There's an old water mill ahead. Arriving at the mill Sadie says they need to take a good look at them. Ride up to the building. Sadie and John climb up on the roof to scout the camp below. Found them. Sadie tells John to cover her while she goes down to get Ramon. John reluctantly agrees.

John takes aim looking at Sadie. She sneaks up on a gang member but fails to keep quiet. The fight is on so take out the Del Lobos to help Sadie. There are nine of them. When they are dead Sadie yells to join her. Run down under the bridge and help her deal with eight more Del Lobos while chasing after Ramon Cortez. Wipe them out and two more appear on the bridge ahead plus another on the cliff to the right past it. Kill them and move down the creek bed. Two more are on the left and one on the right.

Keep moving as additional Del Lobos appear on both sides. Take them out as Ramon rows a boat away from you. Make your way onto the beach and finish off the remaining Del Lobos. Take aim at Ramon so John will threaten him. Ramon is going to die anyway so why give up? Shoot around him to convince Ramon to return to shore. Once he does Sadie pulls him off the boat and John hogties him. More of his friends are coming down the creek bed. John finds cover behind a rock. Four Del Lobos are ahead with one on horseback. Kill them and the fight is finally won.

Pick up Ramon Cortez and put him on a horse. Mount your horse and ride back to Rhodes. Ramon is less friendly this time and says both John and Sadie will be killed. Sadie liked him better when offering money - which he can still do and ups the reward to $5000. In Rhodes grab Cortez and take him to the Sheriff. They put him in a prisoner wagon to take him to St. Denis right away. The sheriff will pay Sadie the money once they deliver him. The wagon takes off. Sadie thanks John and will send his money to the bank. She rides away. John returns to Beecher's Hope with a new barn built.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy while moving around.
  • When ambushed in the barn, Ramon will go down with one punch.
  • Quickly take out the Del Lobos from the Sheriff's Office. Run and gun. You can also get the hip fire objective during this fight if you wish or at least a few towards it. When you get to the end of the street, follow the path in purple above to get the one behind the undertaker. The last one near the church yard to the north will flee and complete the objective.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. Try to save Dead Eye for the sniper portion.
  • There is no overall headshot or accuracy objective but you need to kill them quickly during the first big fight.
  • Hip fire shots are done without aiming first. Similar to "no scope" kills. Only use the trigger to fire. Note you need to be facing the enemy and if you are close enough John will be able to lock on. Again there is no accuracy objective but you'll want to be quick.
  • When using the sniper, try to beat Sadie and make a headshot before she alerts them. After that take your time and use Dead Eye or wait for the enemies to stay still to get headshots. There are 9 of them but Sadie can get a few so you need to be quick.
  • After the sniper portion, hop down and go into the creek bed to continue the fight. Going up over the bridge will result in Ramon getting away. Take it easy working under the next bridge. Once you see the water you need to hustle as Ramon will be making his escape.
  • Rhodes has cover for both sides. There is some cover in the creek bed and down near the water but enemies up high will be able to get you.
  • If you didn't get the hip fire objective already, the enemies near the water (before and after catching Ramon) are good for that.