Uncle's Bad Day

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  • Get 5 headshots using the bow
  • After freeing Uncle, return to Beechers Hope within 3 minutes 10 seconds
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Uncle's Bad Day

Everything is going well at the ranch until the Skinner Brothers return and kidnap Uncle. Hopefully John and Charles can reach him before it's too late.


The hangover

Behind the new barn Uncle asks how John's holiday was. He was making money. John tells Charles, who is putting up some finishing touches, that the barn and everything else looks great. They celebrate with a drink and a song. The party moves over to the house and the three men have a grand time into the night.

The next day John wakes up to Charles yelling that Uncle is gone. Brushing off his hangover, John walks outside. Charles finds a feather and says it was the Skinner Brothers. He points out the direction they likely went and says they know John and Charles will go after them. It's a trap but what choice do they have? The two mount up.

Follow Charles. They'll pick up the trail on the road. John is disappointed they let their guard down. Exiting the ranch, Charles spots blood. You can use Eagle Eye to pick up the trail. Getting serious, Charles says if it's real bad it may be better to end it all i.e. if Uncle is mutilated it will probably be less painful to end his misery sooner than later. They'll see when they get to him.

Quiet entrance

Approaching the forest they hear a sound. Charles isn't sure if the Skinners spotted them. They'll continue on foot. Move off the road and hide your horse in the trees. Dismount in the highlighted area and follow Charles. Ahead are two Skinners. Take them out quietly to avoid alerting the others. You get one and Charles will get the other. A bow is your best option.

Move up with Charles. He spots a patrol of three on the left. Kill them or let them pass. Charles suggest pass. The Skinners talk amongst themselves. John and Charles will likely come this way - good guess - and Uncle probably won't survive by the time they get to him. When they walk away keep moving with Charles.

A wagon drives by on the road ahead. It's dragging someone behind it. Not Uncle but they'll follow the driver to the Skinner's camp. Stay with Charles. A short drive away the wagon stops off the road. The driver dismounts and grabs the now dead body tied behind the wagon and carries him away. They must be close to the camp. Sneak up with Charles. He tells John to get on top of the boulder. Climb up onto the cliff.

Death camp

Charles can't see much through the mist. Use your binoculars to look around. Dead bodies are everywhere. Uncle is found in the middle of the camp tied up over a fire. They need to get him but where are the Skinners? One tackles John from behind. Charles throws a knife to kill him but then gets grabbed from behind himself. John enters Dead Eye so help Charles. The surprise is over.

Take out the Skinners. There are six of them around the camp. When they are dead go save Uncle. John and Charles cut him loose. His back is burned badly. Charles picks him up and four more Skinners appear from the west above the gully. Take them out and move through there as you escort Charles and Uncle. Additional Skinners will follow on both sides of the gully and rush at you with machetes. Kill them all.


At the end of the gully is a broken wagon and your horses. Three more Skinners run up as Charles gets Uncle on his horse. Shoot them and three more Skinners come from behind in the Gully plus one on each side. Kill them. When Uncle is set up mount your horse and follow Charles back to Beecher's Hope. As you leave one Skinner runs up on the left and two more take cover behind a wagon across the road ahead. Wipe them out or blow past them.

Out of the forest the fight is over. Charles says Uncle's burn probably look worse than they are. As long as it doesn't get infected he should be alright. Back at the house John and Charles help Uncle off the horse and into the house. He'll be fine. Outside Charles tells John the Skinners might be back but they killed a lot of them. They only rode in two years ago. Wrong place at the wrong time. They'll all be safe. John's family included - if they come back. Charles goes inside.

This mission leads directly into The Best of Women.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy getting to Uncle.
  • It is possible to get the bow headshots before arriving at the camp. If you are quick you can get the first two (Charles may get one) then move up towards the patrol. Work quickly to headshot all three before Charles gets one. Use Dead Eye or wait for them to stop. Finally take out the driver of the wagon. You can kill him on the road and Charles will slowly search for the camp. If you need more use the attack on the camp to get the rest. Some of the skinners will find cover and stay still long enough to get them without Dead Eye.
  • You can loot chewing tobacco off one of the first two Skinners. This is very useful for the escape.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it.
  • If you want to improve your accuracy aim for non-lethal parts such as arms and torso.
  • There is no overall headshot objective but you'll want to take out the Skinners quickly to save your health especially during the escape.
  • Free Uncle and move towards the gully as soon as possible to make the Skinners appear. You need to run and gun to make the time objective. The one to the left of the log is delayed so get the one on the log, the two beyond the log, then the one on the left. Work your way through the gully and remember the last group of three comes from behind. The other two keep their distance so you'll need to shoot one up on the rock to the west and the other hides behind trees to the east. Quickly mount your horse and ride out.
  • You do not need to kill the remaining Skinners but Charles will go slow trying to shoot them. It's also good to do in order to save your health and get extra accuracy.