Home Improvement for Beginners

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  • Complete within 18 seconds

Home Improvement for Beginners

Uncle convinces John to make improvements to his run-down ranch. First on the list is the shack he calls a home.

Rewards: None


Uncle and Charles are relaxing at the camp fire. John joins them but Uncle goes straight into telling John how he whines all the time and that's why Abigail won't come back. He moves on to calling John's new home a dump that no woman would touch. Uncle convinces him to tear it down. Charles ties a rope to their horses and John secures the other end to the shack.

Lean back and pull the reins on the horses. Eventually the shack comes down. With that done Uncle says they can buy a new home out of a book. There's a lumber place in Blackwater that sells them. John will go there. He tells Uncle to stay here and Charles to put him to work.

Gold Tips

  • Quickly hold the left analog stick down and mash the button to pull the reins.
  • Note there is a bug with this mission where you have to watch the first cutscene all the way through (no skipping) in order for the objective to count.