Trying Again

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  • Catch a fish
  • Complete within 5 minutes 20 seconds

Trying Again

Reunited with Jack, John wants to try having social time with his son. A simple fishing trip could make or break their relationship.


Gone fishing

Jack is reading under a tree next to Rufus. John asks if he wants to go fishing but Jack would rather not. Too bad. They need food so John coerces him into coming along. Walk to the river with Jack and Rufus. John questions why Jack acts the way he does. Jack wonders if his father wishes him to be more like himself. Not really. When asked if Rufus can come fishing John initially says no but changes his mind. John isn't good at talking with Jack. The father-son time is good, though. They should do it more often.


John comments on the beauty of the landscape and life in front of them. When Jack is older he'll see it better. Jack says he wants to travel when he grows up and become a lawyer to help people. John has a different opinion of a lawyer's job. Whatever he does, John just wants his son to do better than his parents. At the river John says this is a good fishing spot. Jack comments against his father's words but eventually apologizes and they start to fish.

Life lessons

Cast your line and fish with Jack. He mentions Arthur taking him fishing long ago. Jack gets a bite so John gives him some pointers to reel it in. He does and is actually a little happy about it. Jack casts again and remembers the city-type men showing up when he was fishing with Arthur. That won't happen this time. He notices Rufus missing but John isn't worried. Jack reels in and goes looking for the dog. You are told to help.

Search around with Jack. A search area appears southeast so look for Rufus there. Finding nothing, return to Jack. He yells out about a snake. Arriving at a tree, Rufus is on the ground in pain. Jack says a snake bit him. Calming his son, John kneels down. Suck the venom from Rufus' leg and spit it out. After three times Jack runs in and says Rufus is going to die. John tells him they just need to get him somewhere warm and calm. John picks up the dog while Jack gets the fishing rods.

Back at the house he places Rufus by the fireplace with Abigail. Jack says they shouldn't have gone fishing. John tries to explain that they don't always know how things will turn out. Jack cries as his parents comfort him. Later on John is tending to his horse at the barn.

Gold Tips

  • Walk straight out the north entrance and the directly to the fishing spot as shown in purple above. You can't run or jog so walk fast instead.
  • Cast your line and catch at least one fish. You do not need to keep it. Cast towards the bubbles. If using a lure, reel it in slowly to attract the fish. You need to wait for Jack to catch one and then realize Rufus is gone. Put your fishing pole away.
  • Stay with Jack as he goes up the hill and stops. When he heads west, run east to where the search area will appear as shown above. You need to get well into the search area then head west to where Jack finds Rufus. You do not need to wait for the first search area to appear. Sometimes during replays the game will glitch and not have the first search area. Walk out towards the road with Jack and the second area will appear.
  • Follow the prompts to quickly suck out the venom.