Love in the Time of Plague

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Love in the Time of Plague

Welcome to Undead Nightmare! This expansion of Red Dead Redemption takes on an alternate storyline near the end of the main game. It follows John Marston as the world he knows gets a little strange and John needs to find out why.

Rewards: Cattleman Revolver, Double-barreled Shotgun, Lasso

Spooky Introduction

Sit back and watch the cinematic at the start of the game. We see John returning home to Beecher's Hope as lighting flashes and a voiceover tells us that John is ready for almost anything. Inside John's wife Abigail and son Jack are sitting around the fireplace. They discuss Jack's etiquette as John walks in saying that something funny is going on out there.

John wonders where Uncle is but no one seems too concerned - a hand slowly reaches up to the window but retreats. Abigail heads to the kitchen to make supper. Later John asks Jack about the book he's reading. As Jack explains about Aztecs, John's mind concentrates on his son. Abigail tells the two that it's getting late. John says they'll find Uncle tomorrow.

In the middle of the night Uncle enters John and Abigail's bedroom - obviously not feeling too good. He tries to come after them but John bashes his head with a lamp. With Uncle knocked out, John runs to get his gun. Meanwhile Uncle gets back on his feet and chases Abigail outside. She falls and gets bitten. John comes around the corner and gets Uncle's attention. He's covered in blood and looks like hell. Uncle is a zombie.

Put him down

You are tasked with killing Uncle before he kills you. Instructions on how to use guns are shown if needed. Enter Dead-Eye and put a shot into Uncle's head. Abigail is shown holding her neck, crying. John is still oblivious to her injury (and what exactly is going on) until he gets closer. He calls Jack outside who comforts his mother but gets bitten himself - Abigail is now a zombie too. Not wanting to kill his own wife, John runs off to the barn to retrieve his lasso. As he does so, Jack also turns into a zombie and both family members come after John.

Lasso and hogtie Abigail and Jack. They shouldn't be too difficult and come towards you one at a time since Jack tries to go after your dog Rufus. After they are both restrained John takes them into the bedroom and puts some food near them. He still has no idea what's going on and wants to get help. He grabs his things and barricades the door on his way out of the house. Another zombie greets him but John takes it out with ease. He decides to head to Blackwater in order to find a doctor.


  • Aim for Uncle's head to take him out quickly.
  • When you lasso Abigail and Jack, pull them in close and tap the button to hogtie as soon as possible.

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