American Venom

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  • Help Sadie catch Cleet within 35 seconds
  • Headshot the sniper who shoots Charles
  • Complete with at least 85% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

American Venom

John, Sadie, and Charles set out to find Micah and put an end to the person that destroyed the gang. It won't be easy as Micah has an army that puts up a good fight.


Loose end

Inside the house Jack is reading to Abigail and Uncle who asks about dinner. Abigail suggests he cook and John agrees. Charles calls for John outside. Abigail senses something wrong and follows him. Sadie greets them. She has a lead on Micah. One of his boys is wanted for murder and was seen in Strawberry. They need to move now. Charles is in. Abigail objects to John going but he agrees.

Abigail chases John inside and berates him about the ranch while he grabs his stuff. He needs to go. Arthur, Sadie, and those that fell made this ranch possible. Abigail begs him to stay but to no effect. She breaks down as John walks out. He tells Uncle to look after the place. John mounts up with the others.

Follow Sadie to Strawberry. The person they are after is Cleet - the little rat-faced one. He'll definitely talk. Charles and Sadie catch up. She's looking for a new bounty partner but Charles declines. He wants to go north to Canada and start a family. Sadie is looking towards South America. Her plan is still up in the air. First they need to take care of this business, though.

Cat and mouse

Arriving in Strawberry dismount near the bridge. Sadie tells the men to take the other side of the creek. She'll stay on this side and they'll meet in the middle. Search Strawberry for Cleet. He's spotted coming out of the post office. John calls out but he doesn't really want to talk. Chase Cleet. He goes around the general store in an alley between the buildings and back out to the street by the hotels. John gets close but can't quite catch up.

As Cleet heads up the hill Sadie runs over and knocks him down. She gives him a punch. John is invited to join. Beat Cleet. After three hits he still won't reveal Micah's location so Sadie wants to hang him. John grabs Cleet so drag him to the Gallows. John drops him at the stairs and you are told to force him up. Walk up to Cleet and threaten him so he scurries up the steps.

At the top Sadie drags Cleet over and stands him up. Put the noose around Cleet. John asks about Micah again before walking over to the drop lever. A crowd gathers to watch. Cleet says Micah tried to kill him but still won't reveal his location. Start moving the lever to get him to talk. Cleet finally does. He says Micah is up at Mount Hagen with a new gang. Cleet tried to stop him from murdering the little girl and they fell out. Sadie says to hang him. You are given the option to pull the lever or spare him. Sparing - or doing nothing - will have Sadie shoot him dead. When it's over the crowd disperses.

Red mountain

With Micah's location known, get on your horse and ride to Mount Hagen. Cinematics take you most of the way there. Back in control follow Charles who says there is an old watchtower up at the top they might be using as a camp. Approaching the snow, a shot is heard and Charles falls off his horse. Sniper. Find cover behind the rocks ahead. They need a better shot on him so move up between cover with Sadie. Next to the large rocks on the right, kill the sniper and return to Charles.


Charles says he'll be fine and for the other two to push onward without him. Micah's men know they are coming now. He'll follow behind slowly. Go with Sadie up the mountain. Take out Micah's men as you climb. Three run down then one is up high straight ahead. Kill them and three more are around the corner plus one from the top. Wipe them out. They find a camp but it's not big enough for Micah and his group of men. They need to find the tower Charles mentioned. Clear the camp of the last four and move up to the left. Two of Micah's men appear with one ahead and one above to the left so be ready. Kill them and two more are ahead. Take them out.

Keep moving with Sadie. A man jumps down on top of her but as John threatens him he gets jumped as well. John manages to get on top of his ambusher and beats him. Sadie on the other hand, takes a knife to her side. Her ambusher gets shot by Charles who falls back into the snow. Sadie pulls the knife out as John beats his ambusher to death. He checks on Sadie who says she's fine. Obviously not. John moves her to the side with Charles. Sadie says she isn't dying. John will go ahead. Charles is told to keep an eye on Sadie.

Looking for the boss

John begins to walk off but is blocked on a ridge by Joe and two other men. John is the only one left. Diffuse, threaten, or shoot them. No matter what it all leads to shoot. Kill them and continue on to find Micah. Two more of Micah's men are on the other side of the ridge. Kill them and keep moving as two more come around the corner plus two on the far peak to the right. When they are dead move around. One of Micah's men comes through the pass and another is up high to the right. Take them out. As you move to the pass one will run up behind you for a tackle. Fight him off and kill him.

Move through the pass. Three of Micah's men greet you on the other side. Kill them and go up to the right towards the new marker. Behind you three more appear low and two high on the peak. Wipe them out and keep moving. Near the top of the ridge three run over ahead plus one from the camp to the left. Shoot them and go to the camp. Five search areas appear including the camp.

At the camp one of Micah's men comes from the shack to the right. Kill him and move up. Another appears near the outhouse. An explosive crate is next to him if you want to use it. Two more are to the left behind the tents and crates plus two more at tents beyond the camp in the next search area. Wipe them out. Move around to the third search area camp. Two of Micah's men pop out of the tent below. Kill them and move down to the next area. One lonely fellow is waiting at his tent. Shoot him and go down to the final area where the watchtower is.

Enter the area as John calls out for Micah. John looks around and Micah appears from the tower. The conversation plays out a little different depending on your outcome with Arthur. The end result is Micah pulling his guns and shooting. John takes cover behind a crate as Micah gets behind the tower. He tells John he has more men coming but John will be happy to meet them.

Try to fire at Micah as he moves to the shack and then behind the outhouse. You won't be able to move or kill him. Sadie appears and sticks him up. Barely able to walk, she moves Micah out into the camp. Micah holsters his guns and says it's just like old times. All kinds of people making social calls. The door of the tower opens and Dutch exits with his guns drawn. He greets John and Sadie. Micah turns around and takes Sadie hostage.

Let's finish this

Back in control, move your aim over to Dutch. John asks why he's here - same as John, he supposes. Micah says they are teaming up again. They have money and dreams. John should join them. Aim back at Micah. He refuses to let Sadie go. Back to Dutch, John tries to reason with him. John shot at him. Tell Dutch he shot first. They accuse each other of betrayal. Dutch says John only cared for himself.

Over to Micah, he still refuses to let the critically injured Sadie go. Tell him Arthur saved John's life. He doesn't care. Over to Dutch again, John explains they all did their best for him. It wasn't their fault things turned out the way they did. Tell him killing John won't solve anything and to say something. Dutch doesn't have much to say anymore. He turns and shoots Micah. Micah doesn't go down so John enters Dead Eye. Finish off Micah. He walks a few steps and falls face down in the snow.

John thanks Dutch who casually walks away. John helps Sadie up. She says there's money in the tower and tells him to hurry. John walks in and finds a large chest. Inside is a lot of money and a lot of gold. John grabs what he can. He comes out of the tower with a heavy satchel. John takes hold of Sadie and both walk away.

At Beecher's Hope Abigail calls out to Jack and Uncle as John, Sadie, and Charles return. John dismounts and tells Abigail it's over. It's all over. She is happy to hear it and embraces John. They help Sadie and Charles off the horses before they all walk inside as "Red" by Daniel Lanois begins to play and the credits roll. The main story of Red Dead Redemption 2 is now complete.

Where are they now?

During the credits various scenes play out. We see John and Abigail getting married on the hill above the ranch with the others gathered around. They have a party back at the house. Edgar Ross and a new Pinkerton - named Archer Fordham - search around Mount Hagen and inspect Micah's body. Back at the ranch, Charles says his farewells and rides off. Mary-Beth is shown writing a book. John and Jack play with Rufus as Abigail looks on. The Pinkertons visit the saloon in Valentine looking for leads.

Tilly is shown with a wealthy man in St. Denis pushing a baby stroller. Pearson works at the grocery store in Rhodes. He stares at a picture of the old gang. The Pinkertons continue asking around by showing men on a stagecoach a picture. Edith and Archie Downes look a little better in Annesburg as they prepare to board a boat with luggage. John and his family say goodbye to Sadie who rides off from the ranch. Mary Linton visits Arthur's grave to pay her respects. John shows Jack how to brush a horse as the Pinkertons use binoculars to spy on them. Rains Fall looks over the land as an eagle soars above.

This completes Epilogue - Part II.

When the credits end John and Abigail are on the hill above the ranch. She tells him he needs to take care of his ranch and his boy. She doesn't want to talk about how all of this was paid for. They rib each other a little and Abigail walks away. Jack can be found telling Uncle about the knights in his book but Uncle says the English aren't brave. He beat up a bunch of them in Canada. He tells Jack he met a talking horse too but it was more boring than the Englishmen. John tells him to shut up.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy outside of catching Cleet.
  • You shouldn't have much trouble catching Cleet in time. Quickly move across the bridge to make him appear then follow him through the alley to flush him out. You can't sprint or catch him prior. Using guns will attract the law.
  • You won't be able to target or kill the sniper until you get close. Move up next to the large rocks on the right and wait for the game to tell you to kill him. Then use Dead Eye to headshot him.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it.
  • There is no overall headshot objective but you'll want to kill the enemies quickly to save your health.
  • If you want extra accuracy aim for non-lethal parts such as arms or torso. There are around 48 enemies on the way to Micah. You need to hit at least 17 of every 20 shots. Again, there is no time objective so go slow when possible.
  • There is some cover while going up the mountain but the enemies have it better than you do. Use corners around rock faces as cover and the various items in the camps near the end.
  • Don't waste your ammo or accuracy with Micah. Peak out and he'll shoot you a little then move. At the very end you can put 6 shots into him.