A Really Big Bastard

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  • Shoot the bear 4 times as it charges
  • Headshot both the rival bounty hunters in Dead Eye
  • Complete within 7 minutes 15 seconds

A Really Big Bastard

Sadie visits the ranch since she has another bounty to catch. Abigail is against John going but they need the money to pay for the ranch. He'll be fine.


Same John, different day

Abigail is knitting in the living room of her new house. She's happy with it. Jack yells for his parents. They run out and are greeted by Sadie. Abigail is excited to see her while John tries not to talk about the work they've been doing. Sadie, Uncle, John, and his family sit down on the porch for a meal. Sadie tells Abigail that she is a bounty hunter and protects gold prospectors in the hills. She's thinking about starting a transportation business and could use John's help. Abigail says John isn't looking for that kind of work anymore but it's revealed John has been helping Sadie already.

Abigail is upset but Sadie tries to calm her down. It's legal work even Jack could do - over Abigail's dead body. Not helping Abigail's worries, Sadie mentions Micah or at least someone up north that sounds like him killed a family with the exception of a little girl that escaped. Getting back to the bounty, Sadie was chasing an accountant from Rhodes and stopped at the ranch along the way to see if John needed extra money. He does. The money is good so Abigail gives in. No Micah, though. Sadie will bring John back.


Mount your horse and follow Sadie to Tall Trees. John is glad Sadie stopped by. He tells Sadie he might ask Abigail to marry him. John found a ring among Arthur's items he inherited. Sadie thought they were already married but not quite. She tells him marriage made her real happy. Leaving the road by Manzanita Post, Sadie says the bounty is named Marshall Thurwell who was last seen camping in the woods. Maybe the Skinner Brothers found him already.


Sadie finds the campsite but it looks like someone - or something - was here already. Dismount with Sadie and look around. Seems like a bear attacked it. There are a few items to loot. Sadie picks up an item that tells her the person living here was from the south. Might be their guy. A blood trail leads from the camp so they'll head that way. Get back on your horse and continue to follow Sadie. She loses the trail and asks John to help. Use Eagle Eye to pick up the target's scent.

The trail leads to a destroyed cabin. Dismount and investigate the corpse in front. Sadie can't tell if that's the bounty since the face is mutilated. Looks more like a local farmer, though. A voice calls out from inside the cabin asking if the monster is gone. Sadie and John draw their weapons and Sadie confirms the man asking is Marshall Thurwell. They think the monster is gone.


Thurwell exits with his hands up but a large bear charges them from the side. It knocks Sadie and Arthur out of the way. The bear rears up in front of John but then runs away before making a U-turn and charges him. John enters Dead Eye so shoot the bear. It's not enough and the bear grabs him. Break free as Sadie tries to help but can't see straight. John uses a knife to get the bear off. He grabs his gun so shoot it some more with Sadie and the bear runs off.

Surviving the attack, John and Sadie yell for Thurwell to exit the cabin. He denies waiting for the bear to kill them. Sadie knocks him out with her gun and John loads him onto her horse. Both mount up. Escort Sadie to Blackwater. John comments about the bear. Somehow they always get near death during these things. Both contemplate if John should be involved since he has a family and a ranch now.

Entering the Great Plains two men stop on the road ahead. They question Sadie about Thurwell and want to split the reward. They didn't do anything yet but they'll provide protection - as if Sadie needs it. If they can't get part of the reward then they'll take the whole thing. Sadie tells them off and the men begin to shoot. Kill the bounty hunters. Sadie takes out one so get the other. When they are dead continue on. Sadie says the men were new. If Sadie and John didn't kill them then someone else would. It's a cold business but Sadie is just filling orders. If others jump on the same order then she'll get competitive.

Getting back to Micah, Sadie will take care of him when she finds him. John tells her that Micah is his, with or without her. Fair enough. Sadie wants John to at least think about all he has and can lose. At the police station in Blackwater they pull Thurwell onto the porch. Sadie will take it from here and tells John to go back to his family. She'll send John's share to the bank. Sadie drags Thurwell inside and John mounts up.

Gold Tips

  • Do not waste any time while moving around. You are stuck following Sadie for the most part so move as quick as you can.
  • At the campsite you do not need to get off your horse unless you want to loot the items. Otherwise get to the opposite side (you need to go around Sadie and her horse) and move as far away as allowed past the blood. Use Eagle Eye to pick up the trail. Keep the trail active and as soon as Sadie is ready to go John will say to follow him.
  • You need to follow the trail somewhat close. There is a faster route but it goes the opposite way and Sadie will run back towards the trail making you "abandon" her. You can cut the first corner a little as shown in purple above. If you go to the pause menu map, there is a thin spot in the ridgeline to the right of the "S" in TALL TREES. Set a waypoint there and go straight to it. Past that make a left turn and go to the northwest cabin in Bear Claw. Try to follow the trail at this point to avoid rocks and trees. Stand next to the corpse and wait for Sadie to catch up. She may get caught on objects in the forest.
  • It is possible to get 9 shots on the bear while it charges so 4 is easy. You are given a pistol. Paint targets or pull the trigger as quickly as possible while aiming up at it. After it grabs John quickly mash the button to break free and then shoot it more until Sadie finally scares it off.
  • Upon entering Great Plains, draw your weapon so it is ready. A pistol is good since it is easier to aim. As you approach a hilltop you'll see the two bounty hunters appear. Use Dead Eye to headshot them as quickly as possible. If you are too slow Sadie will get one. Clear the path so Sadie won't need to slow down.
  • Note it is possible for Sadie to get stopped or held up by wagons/pedestrians on the roads. This is especially true in Blackwater since she can get pushed off the road and into crates or other objects along the docks. Sometimes she stops completely. Try to stay a little behind Sadie when possible to give her room to navigate around. If you bump into someone, they may get angry and start firing. Take them out if needed and get to the police station before you obtain a wanted level.