Lucky in Love

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Lucky in Love

Fastest Time: 2:55
Shot Accuracy: 92%
Number of Headshots: 3
Face opponents in poker and then a duel when things go bad. Afterwards a hostage is in need of assistance in a similar manner.

Rewards: +$50, +150 Fame, +125 Honor

International poker

Johns finds Landon playing poker with some other people in Chuparosa. Landon is winning and in good spirits as he takes in chips. He greets Marston while one of the players, Andreas "Herr" Muller, whines to continue the game. Ricketts comments back and convinces John to join the game.

Making Sheen proud

After John sits down you are in control. You'll be dealt cards for the poker game. A tutorial will display on the screen if needed to guide you through the game. Poker in Red Dead Redemption is Texas Hold 'Em where you are dealt two cards and 5 community cards are on the table for all to see. The objective is to use your two cards and the 5 community cards to make up the best 5-card hand. In between each card being dealt you are able to bet chips or fold. More detailed information about this type of game and winning can be found easily online.

No matter what your cards are or how much you bet, you will always win as long as you don't fold. It is possible to earn tons of chips by raising your bets throughout the game but these will not matter in the end. Play through 2 hands however you wish. Note: Earning over 2000 chips will get you the High Roller achievement/trophy.

An impasse

After winning so much, Muller will accuse Marston of cheating. John denies the claim and Landon tells Muller to calm down and continue the game. Muller says the game is over and draws his gun, causing everyone to draw their guns too. After some awkward feelings and discussion, a duel is decided upon between Muller and Marston.

Silver mine in the sky

Back in control, walk with Landon to the duel spot. He'll give some tips such as not drawing too soon for lack of accuracy and to pick good shots.

Walk into the marker and the duel will begin. Instructions are displayed on the screen if needed. It is assumed that you have not dueled prior to this mission. After a couple camera shots you'll be looking at Muller from behind Marston as the camera zooms in. There are two empty meters on the right side of the screen. At a certain point "Draw!" will flash on the screen and you automatically enter Dead-Eye. Draw your gun and mark Muller to fill up your meter (blue) while Muller's will also begin to fill (red). The objective is to fill your meter higher than the opponent's. This determines the winner and the loser is killed. Don't lose.

As this is assumed to be your first duel, Muller is easy to defeat. He is slow to draw and it takes only one accurate headshot to win (fills approximately half of your meter for this duel). If you don't fill your meter, you'll need to wait out the Dead-Eye cycle to finish the duel. Picking multiple shots and filling your meter completely will end the duel sooner. For a more detailed explanation of duels, see the duel guide.


While enjoying drinks after Muller's defeat one of the men from the poker game, the Stranger, approaches and is holding a girl hostage with a large knife to her throat. He challenges Marston to fight him.

This turns into another duel (the Stranger will no longer have a knife). It is harder to pick shots because of the hostage, however, one headshot mark will fill your meter and end the duel quickly. You will need to kill the Stranger for this part of the mission. Do so as you wish and don't hurt the hostage.

Immediately following the Stranger's demise, four enemies will appear around the fountain area - all friends of Muller. Run around and kill them with Landon lending a hand.

The final cutscene will show Ricketts commenting on the "peace" tourists like Marston bring to Mexico and that Muller probably won't be missed. John will say that he wasn't much of a poker player. The two tip hats and part ways.

Gold Tips

  • Get through the poker hands quickly by going all-in each time and skipping to your turn. The amount of chips you win will not matter in the end. You can try for the High Roller achievement/trophy by raising ~200 chips each time it is your turn but this takes time. The other players folding is also random.
  • Walk to the duel (stand just in front of a large white spot on the ground). You'll need to wait for Muller to get in place to begin.
  • In the duel with Muller, wait for the "Draw!" text and place a few head/body shots to completely fill your meter and end the duel quickly.
  • For the duel with the stranger, wait for the "Draw!" text again and place a headshot to end the duel quickly. Switch to a rifle right after if you like for the next part.
  • Run around the fountain from the left ahead of Landon and Dead-Eye/headshot the four enemies.

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