My Sister's Keeper

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My Sister's Keeper

Fastest Time: 3:34
Shot Accuracy: 95%
Number of Headshots: 3
Luisa needs her sister to flee the approaching revolution and get to safety elsewhere. The Mexican Army doesn't make escaping easy, though.

Rewards: +125 Fame, +100 Honor

Till We Meet Again

Luisa and her family are packing up. Another revolution is coming but hopefully this will be the last one. After some discussion about the family's plans John is asked to escort Luisa's young sister, Miranda, to the docks where she will escape to the Yucatan. The boat leaves at sundown. Marston agrees to help. Miranda says her tearful goodbyes.

The maze

Miranda says you will take her brother's wagon. Run over to the wagon and take the reins. A clock appears on the screen to provide the amount of time left until sundown. Head out as quickly as possible and follow the highlighted path. Be aware the wagon has four horses and needs to take wider turns. So start a turn early or you might run off the cliff at the first turn.

After a few turns you are met with a checkpoint. A cutscene shows three soldiers asking for papers before recognizing the two as rebels. The soldiers begin to shoot as you are put in control again. Kill them and move on. Up ahead is another checkpoint. A wagon attempts to ride through it but gets blown up. As you approach, there are four enemy soldiers with one of them using a Gatling gun. Kill them as you ride by - following the new path which takes you to the left. Miranda will state the obvious that you both need to avoid the army or get killed. If you hadn't already figured it out, the game will also tell you about horses automatically staying along highlighted paths while you aim and shoot.


After riding through Ojo del Diablo, a checkpoint and wagon are spotted ahead. There is one enemy at the checkpoint and two on the wagon. Make a right (new path) and head towards Chuparosa. Kill the enemies as you go. Note: there is another Gatling gunner further west if you try to go left through the roadblock.

Approaching Chuparosa, there is another checkpoint with five enemy soldiers. Kill them as you drive through the checkpoint and head down the hill to the left along the train tracks. At the bottom next to the bridge is yet another checkpoint. There are two enemies standing and three on horseback. Make a right and go under the bridge. Take out the horsemen as quickly as possible since they chase after you.

Continue along the highlighted path until the final checkpoint. There are five more enemies including another Gatling gun on the small hill. Kill the enemies and make a left. Continue along the given path along the train tracks and back to the main road. One last enemy appears on a wagon. Kill him as you ride by. Continue to the docks (your first save point in Mexico) and reach the marker.

The final cutscene shows Miranda happy to see that the boat hasn't left yet. She asks if she will see john again but he doesn't think so since he doesn't plan to stay in Mexico. She'll see him in some other life, then. She goes to the boat and waves goodbye.

Gold Tips

  • Sprint to the wagon and take control. Head out as soon as Miranda climbs up.
  • When you approach the first checkpoint, headshot the enemies before the cutscene triggers. Note: These three are all you need for the headshot count.
  • Sprint past the next checkpoint. You probably won't get shot too much. Don't tire out your horses.
  • Between that checkpoint and Ojo del Diablo, there is a break in the rocks on the right. Leave the highlighted route by cutting over to the next road and begin following the red dotted route on the map above which avoids a few checkpoints and saves time.
  • When you get past Chuparosa and head down the hill, run straight through the checkpoint. The cavalry won't follow you this way.
  • Continue along the tracks and towards the docks.
  • Kill the lone enemy on the wagon and make your way to the docks marker.
  • It is worth noting that the sundown timer is not an actual timer. It can move faster or slower depending on your progress. You will always use at least half of the timer.

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