Must a Savior Die?

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Must a Savior Die?

Fastest Time: 5:05
Shot Accuracy: 86%
Number of Headshots: 7
Rescue Abraham Reyes - the leader of the rebels - from the grip of the Mexican Army and bring him to safety.

Rewards: +250 Fame, +50 Honor

Tears for the land

John finds Luisa sobbing at the remains of her home. She says she is upset because Abraham Reyes was captured and the fate of Mexico is in danger. She explains that he was taken to El Presidio and goes on a rant about their relationship. After vowing to die while trying to save him, Marston tells her that he'll go with her and help figure out a rescue plan. Luisa thanks John.

Sneaking in

In control of Marston, run over to the wagon and ride shotgun with Luisa. You can trip skip the journey. As you approach El Presidio Luisa will say she feels that Reyes is still alive. She'll bring you around to the northwest side of the fortress. There is piece of the wall missing up a small hill to your right. Run up and climb over it to get in. Luisa will warn you not to get caught or else the guards will kill you and Reyes.

Once inside, make your way over to the sniping position straight ahead. Make sure you do not draw attention to yourself (you do not need to crouch). Grab the sniper rifle and take aim at the executioner in the back towards the right, facing Reyes. Do not shoot Reyes. Once you kill the executioner the guards will obviously be aware of your existence and begin returning fire while finding cover. There are two enemy soldiers on your right. One is a little lower and the other is higher on the stairs. Take them out first. Another enemy will climb into a low tower on your left. Get him next.

There are five more enemies on the ground hiding behind various objects. A few TNT crates are scattered around but may not be in reach of an enemy (you can try to get these early on when the enemies are running around). Take them all out however you can. I find it easier to move to the right side of the building and peek around to pick them off one at a time.


Getting out

When all the guards are dead, run down to Reyes. A short cutscene will show John cutting the beaten rebel free and explaining that Luisa sent him and that they need to meet her by the river. When the cutscene ends, Reyes says to grab a horse since he is too weak to ride. Run back across the fort and grab one of the horses. You can whistle for your own horse if you want. Bring it over to Reyes and let him get on. He'll tell you to hurry and get out of there.

When you exit El Presidio a guide will be waiting who says to follow him. Do it. As you begin to ride out two enemies on horseback will appear on your left. Kill them. Continue following the guide down the hill. On the hairpin turn at the bottom there are two enemies on foot. Kill them as you ride by. Up the hill on the right are two more waiting for you. Take them out. Continue following the guide all the way to Luisa. Marston and Reyes have some conversations along the way, mainly an introduction to each other among other things. You may notice Reyes uses the name "Laura" instead of "Luisa".

In the final cutscene Reyes and Luisa are happily reunited. Both thank Marston for helping them and Mexico. Reyes says he has a ranch in Agave Viejo and that he'll be waiting for John to arrive because Mexico needs a man like him. Marston wishes them well but he needs to find the men he is after. Reyes says he will help John in return for helping the people of Mexico. They say goodbye and board the raft. Abraham sings to Laura Luisa as the cutscene ends.

Gold Tips

  • Sprint to the wagon and trip skip.
  • Quickly dismount the wagon at the end of the fenceline then sprint up the hill and hop over the wall. Sprint to the sniping position.
  • Quickly aim and headshot the executioner. Then headshot the other enemies described above.
  • Sprint to Reyes and then to the horses. It doesn't matter which one you take. If you want your own horse then whistle for it early.
  • After you grab a horse, make a clockwise loop around the various objects to get to Reyes (let him get on) and then out the gates.
  • Sprint past the guide and Dead-Eye/headshot the two horseback enemies.
  • Follow the guide down the hill and Dead-Eye/headshot the four enemies encountered in that area as described above.
  • Continue following the guide until you are out in the open past the cliffs. Then sprint away to Luisa and reach the marker.

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