The Burning

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The Burning

Fastest Time: 4:34
Drew MacFarlane is missing and Bonnie is worried. She and John find her father alive at a bloody scene but while they're gone the ranch heats up.

Rewards: +125 Fame, +150 Honor

On the milk jug

As John wanders around MacFarlane Ranch, Bonnie approaches and asks if he has seen her father. He was last seen riding out in the morning and none of the ranch hands can find him. John rallies Bonnie to go out and look for him.

Search, party of two

Mount your horse and follow Bonnie out of the ranch. As you both ride towards New Austin Bonnie will say she has a bad feeling and also talk a little about her family. As you reach the last grove of trees she'll spot someone off to the left. Follow her into the trees.


A cutscene shows a massacre of horses and men as Drew inspects the carnage. He guesses it was the work of rustlers, possibly the Bollard Twins, and for Bonnie to get a wagon from the ranch. He tasks John with protecting his daughter.

Back in control, follow Bonnie back to the ranch. She'll talk of going to Pike's Basin herself but John doesn't think that's a good idea. She'll then get into John dark past and dig at his words. Approaching the ranch there is a noticeable plume in the sky. Bonnie exclaims the barn is on fire. Sprint with her to the barn and stand with her at the doors.

Gunslinger turned firefighter

In a short cutscene Bonnie says that the doors are blocked. In control of Marston again, follow the on-screen directions to get in through the loft. Go around to the left side of the barn and climb onto the small awning that's marked. From there climb up onto the windmill platform. Walk around to the right (be careful, there's no railings) and grab the ledge of the missing walkway. While hanging, move horizontally across the gap and climb up when you reach the existing portion of the walkway. Run around the rear into the loft and jump or climb down to the floor of the barn. When you reach the ground run over to the doors and open them by pressing the appropriate button.

A brief cutscene will show John open the doors and walk out coughing. Bonnie says to get the horses out but is overtaken by the smoke at the door as she tries to help. In control of John, run back into the barn to one of the three trapped horses. When you get near one you'll be prompted to slap it. Hit the appropriate button and John will slap the horse's ass, causing it to run off. Do this for the second horse too.

When you near the third horse, a cinematic will show large wooden pieces of the barn collapsing down, partially blocking the door. You'll need to ride the last horse out. Mount up, run towards the door, and jump over the debris. Once outside ride the horse around to the pen on the left.

The last cutscene will show the ranch hand Amos and Bonnie thanking John. Bonnie tells John that her family is in debt to him but Marston only asks that she sell him some cattle when he gets his farm started back up. She agrees and tells him to get some rest before walking off to check on her father.

Gold Tips

  • Follow Bonnie to the outskirts of the ranch.
  • Sprint to Drew when Bonnie says "...according to his last letter" during the ride.
  • Follow Bonnie back and when she says "it's disgusting!" during the ride, sprint to the left side of the barn where the awning is. Make sure you don't run over anyone with your horse and start climbing up the awning as soon as possible.
  • Follow the directions above or on-screen to climb into the barn. Don't fall off.
  • Inside the loft, simply walk off the ledge onto the next landing and then again down to the floor.
  • Sprint to the door and open it.
  • Sprint back inside and slap a horse as soon as it says to - John will "teleport" behind the horse to slap it. Do this twice.
  • Quickly mount the last horse and ride it out. It will automatically jump the debris.
  • Bring the horse around to the left corral/pen (two different markers but the same enclosed area).

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