Paternal Pride

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Paternal Pride

Bonnie MacFarlane is worried about her father. He trapped some zombies in the barn but hasn't come out yet. There's only one way to know his fate.

Rewards: Winchester Repeater

Note: You'll need to save MacFarlane Ranch before starting this mission.

A bad week

Bonnie comes running out of the ranch house and greets John the only way she knows how. She feared John was dead and calls out for her father who is in the barn. She's noticeably a little worried as she yells and reveals that he was rounding up the undead so business on the ranch can continue.

With no response from the barn, John asks how long he's been in there. Bonnie calmly tells him her father has been in there since yesterday. John decides to check on him. Bonnie says he is kind and to call out if he finds anything. She walks back to the house.


Find the father

Head over to the barn. There are two ways to get inside with the doors blocked. The first you might remember from the main Red Dead Redemption mission The Burning. That way involves climbing the windmill, hanging from the next ledge to move across, and then going around the walkway to the rear entrance. A much easier way is to jump up onto the small roofs on the front of the barn and climb into the windows. It will save you time and possibly frustration.

Once inside there are four zombies running around on the ground floor. Kill them however you wish. Either shoot them from above or jump down to take care of business. After they are dead, jump down to the floor if needed. A cutscene shows John searching for Drew. He rises up from some hay bales near the rear of the barn - obviously now a zombie. John grabs a Winchester Repeater as Drew nears him.

Kill Drew. When he's dead, walk out the front doors of the barn and return to Bonnie at the house. John doesn't need to say anything to Bonnie. The fact that he's alone says it all. The most good she gets out of it is that her father died protecting those he loved. Without much else to say, they bid farewell to each other. Bonnie walks inside the house and John heads out.


  • The easiest way to enter the barn is to jump up onto the small roofs on the front and climb into the windows. No need to fuss with the windmill.
  • You can kill the small group of zombies while staying above them. You'll need to drop all the way to the ground to trigger Drew's cutscene.
  • After Drew is taken care of, you should be able to walk out the front doors. If the game does not allow this for some reason, you'll need to go out the top and use the windmill to get down.