Missing Persons

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In the side mission Missing Souls you are introduced to the Missing Persons objectives. Posters are found in the safe zones Fort Mercer and El Presidio featuring a missing person.

Upon taking the poster the location of the person will appear on your map. Go to their location and fight off the zombie hordes. When enough zombies have been killed the missing person will feel safe enough to leave with you. Mount your horse and allow them to hop on. Fight off the remaining undead and head back to the safe zone you obtained the poster from.

During the ride back to the safe zone you will encounter two additional hordes of zombies. They will either be across the road or rise up from the ground in front of you. Avoid them or wipe them out. At the safe zone a horde of zombies will block you from returning the missing person so you will need to kill them all in order to complete the task. A few survivors will help clear the gate so be careful of friendly fire.


There are 16 total missing persons with 10 in New Austin and 6 in Nuevo Paraiso. The following are listed in order of appearance:

New Austin

  1. Millicent Waterbury, Pleasance House (returned during Missing Souls)
  2. Mintie Cummings, Riley's Charge
  3. Winona Picket, Lake Don Julio
  4. Grover Boone, Venter's Place
  5. Silas Gaskell, Critchley's Ranch
  6. Willis Lassiter, Benedict Point
  7. Chu Fook, Gaptooth Breach
  8. Orison Pratt, Ridgewood Farm
  9. Willie Oats, Plainview
  10. Adrienne Lachance, Armadillo

Nuevo Paraiso

  1. Porfirio Gutierrez, Roca de Madera
  2. Ramon Alvares, Torquemada
  3. Lydia Morales, Las Hermanas
  4. Rafael Carillo, Agave Viejo
  5. Santiago Valenzuela, El Matadero
  6. Merche Coronado, Casa Madrugada