Towns Saved

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Help the locals clear out the undead and take back their homes. There are 20 towns to save in Undead Nightmare. Fort Mercer, El Presidio, and Casa Madrugada are Safe Zones. Each town has its own difficulty and rewards including weapons among other items found in chests.

After saving a town it will occasionally become overrun again so look out for the warning messages and check your map once in a while. The survivors cannot hold off the zombies forever and when they all die the town is lost. You can still save it after that but the safe status will only be temporary and there will be no chests to gain ammo or other items from.


The towns needing help are listed alphabetically below along with their stats. Difficulty () is the amount of circles you need to fill (five undead kills each, not including the final wave of undead). Ammo chests () are scattered around the town and marked with a green dot on your radar after the town is saved. Most towns also yield a weapon upon completion. Also listed are the number of survivors (♀) and any other forms of weaponry on location in the town:

Location Weapon Reward On-site Weapons
Agave Viejo 3 2 Dynamite 3
Armadillo 6 4 None 6
Blackwater 2 1 None 3
Chuparosa 7 4 Schofield Revolver 7
Cochinay 1 1 Bolt Action Rifle 1 TNT crates, Dutch's machine gun
El Matadero 4 3 Dynamite 5 TNT crates in buildings, machine gun on roof
Escalera 8 5 Buffalo Rifle 7
Gaptooth Breach 6 4 Dynamite 6 TNT crates
Las Hermanas 9 5 None 8
MacFarlane Ranch 5 6 None 5
Manzanita Post 2 2 Tomahawk 3
Nosalida 2 2 Henry Repeater 2
Pacific Union RR 2 2 Rolling Block Rifle 3 TNT crates
Plainview 3 2 None 3
Rathskeller Fork 4 2 Explosive Rifle 2 Machine gun on roof
Ridgewood Farm 2 2 Springfield Rifle 2
Tesoro Azul 3 3 Double-action Revolver 3
Thieves' Landing 4 4 Fire Bottles 4
Torquemada 4 4 Pump-Action Shotgun 4 TNT crates
Twin Rocks 3 3 Volcanic Pistol 3

Each town presents its own advantages and disadvantages. Most have plenty of high elevations (such as buildings) to get above the undead hordes. Many also have open areas to take out multiple zombies at a time with dynamite or other large area weapons including bait to allow for easy shots at the undead.

Try to keep away from the survivors when possible. The zombies usually spawn near you so this will help prevent survivors from dying either from the zombies or your own friendly fire. A great example is Blackwater. Hang out in the more vacant south end of town. It's open and far away from the survivors.

Having an Apocalypse Horse such as War and especially Death can make saving towns much easier by simply riding through the zombie hordes to damage or kill them.