Filth and Other Entertainment

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Filth and Other Entertainment

The local movie industry is going to be filming its next big hit. The director/cameraman/everyone else wants more energetic talent to make the film perfect.

Rewards: Undead Hunter Outfit Scrap

Note: You need to save Plainview before starting the mission.

Quite the hobby

Among the tents in Plainview, D.S. MacKenna is lining up shots for his next movie. He greets the non-diseased John and says he doesn't know what's going on but it's brilliant for a movie plot. John wonders what kind of sick person would want to see such a movie to which MacKenna replies the lowest common denominator (basically you for playing Undead Nightmare).

John thinks he is lost but MacKenna says it's a misunderstanding. He shows John a zombie hogtied in a tent but he needs one of the snot spitting zombies if John happens to come across one. John doesn't care if it'll make movie picture history but gives up on talking morality with MacKenna. John walks off.

Wretched things

Head out into Gaptooth Ridge (or Mexico) and find a retcher. Hang out in the fields west of Solomon's Folly and out towards the Scratching Post. You'll likely come across a retcher among other zombies. Hogtie the retcher and return it to MacKenna back in Plainview.

MacKenna is very happy to get his retcher as John despises himself a little for helping, although it was for an old friend. MacKenna thanks him and gets the movie scene set up. A short time later the zombies are in place as MacKenna checks the framing. All is good so he cuts the zombies free as John takes a seat nearby. MacKenna gets back to the camera and cues the talent. It doesn't take long for the zombies to run right at him. They eat his flesh as requested with cries for help dissipating. The mission is now complete. You can kill the zombies (including MacKenna) or run off.


  • Retchers are found in Gaptooth Ridge or Mexico. Plenty of them seem to spawn between Solomon's Folly and Scratching Post. If there are too many other zombies around, lasso the retcher and drag it to a safer area.