Undead Challenges

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There are 6 challenges found in Undead Nightmare. Four are Undead Challenges required for 100% completion and to unlock the Legend of the Apocalypse outfit. The other two are additional weapon challenges. When you pause the game navigate to the "Journal" section and then "Challenges". Each challenge has multiple ranks to complete with each one more difficult than the previous. Each challenge has its own tasks and reward.

Undead Hunter

An easy place to complete the first three is Jorge's Gap west of Armadillo. The canyon is filled with zombies. For Rank 4, the easiest way to complete it is to ride an Apocalypse Horse (challenges below) in the Tall Trees area. Allow the animal to walk right up to your left side and hit it with the torch multiple times. The Apocalypse Horse won't die easily and you won't take damage. For Rank 5 do not ride an Apocalypse mount or else the Chupacabra may not appear. Dismount and run around until it appears if you wish. The Chupacabra can be found northwest of Torquemada, southeast of Perdido, and south of Casa Madrugada.

Rank 1: Kill 100 Fresh (normal) Undead and 25 Bolters
Rank 2: Kill 25 more Bruisers and 15 more Retchers
Rank 3: Use a Retcher explosion to kill 2 other undead
Rank 4: Kill 2 undead bears, 5 undead wolves, and 3 undead cougars with a torch
Rank 5: Kill the Chupacabra

Rewards: Ammo, LeMat Revolver, and Evans Repeater

Undead Sharpshooter

Again, Jorge's Gap is useful since it is filled with undead. The easiest way to complete Rank 3 is to use phosphorus coating on your bullets. You can also use dynamite or the Explosive Rifle on a group using Dead-Eye. For Rank 4 you'll need to go to Gaptooth Ridge or Mexico. El Presidio has a variety of zombies lurking outside the walls.
Rank 1: Kill 5 undead in 10 seconds using a gun
Rank 2: Get 10 undead headshots in a row
Rank 3: Kill 5 flaming undead in one Dead-Eye meter
Rank 4: Kill one of each undead type in one Dead-Eye meter
Rank 5: Kill 5 undead in 8 seconds with a sniper (and no Dead-Eye)

Rewards: Ammo, Holy Water, Carcano Rifle, and Mauser Pistol

Undead Treasure Hunter

This set of challenges is unlocked by acquiring a treasure map from a chest. This is done a few different ways including some random events:
  • A doctor using a Gatling Gun against a horde who requests that you get him a zombie (hogtied) and gives the map as a reward. Opening the chest early will make him hostile.
  • A person sitting at a campsite with a chest (person becomes hostile after opening chest).
  • A chest inside a zombie-packed house or barn at Warthington Ranch (Hennigan's Stead), Silent Stead (Gaptooth Ridge), or Tanner's Reach (Tall Trees). Campo Mirada (Luisa's house) is glitched and not enterable as it is still destroyed. A man warns not to go inside but dynamite through a window is easy enough to clear it out.
Once you get started go to "kit" in your satchel and view the treasure map. You are looking for the area depicted in the drawing. Go there and look for a little pile of rocks. A reward and the next map will be found under the rocks.


Rank 1: At the end of a canyon off the map north of Pike's Basin. Head north from MacFarlane Ranch and then west. [screenshot]
Rank 2: Southeast of Coot's Chapel at the bottom of the cliffs with trees on top. It can be difficult to locate since there are multiple rock levels. Go high near the western corner of the cliffs. [screenshot]
Rank 3: In between two rock formations northwest of Scratching Post. Approach from the northwest and make your way up the hill. [screenshot]
Rank 4: South of Sepulcro where there are three palm trees. [screenshot]
Rank 5: This one can be a pain to get to. It is on a small cliff sticking out towards the open southwest of Casa Madrugada. Use a horse and make your way up the nearest possible hill to the west. Then go over to the treasure location without falling off. [screenshot]

Rewards: Ammo and other items

Four Horses of the Apocalypse

The four horses are found around the map at various times:
  • Pestilence is found in West Elizabeth
  • War is usually found in western New Austin
  • Famine is found in Mexico
  • Death is random after finding the other three but is also given after completing Undead Nightmare
For Rank 5 travel to Gaptooth Ridge or Mexico, notably El Presidio.
Rank 1-4: Find and break the four horses
Rank 5: Kill one of each zombie type on Death

Rewards: Blood Pacts (horse deeds) for each

Tomahawk Mastery

Rank 2 should be easy. Remember to aim for headshots. Rank 3 can be a pain so ride around with the tomahawk ready. Bats replace birds in Undead Nightmare and can be scared up with gunshots. Easy way to do Rank 4 is to use melee (guaranteed hit/kills). For Rank 5 try to save an easy town like Cochinay, Blackwater, Nosalida, etc. Use melee as much as possible and loot tomahawks back from killed zombies. You can also kill just one zombie with a tomahawk and then kill all the others using Death or another Apocalypse horse.
Rank 1: Save Manzanita Post to obtain the weapon.
Rank 2: Kill one undead via throwing, one from melee, and one from horseback
Rank 3: Kill a bat
Rank 4: Kill five undead in a row without missing
Rank 5: Save a town using only tomahawks

Rewards: Loot twice as much Tomahawk ammo

Explosive Rifle Mastery

For Rank 2 head to Gaptooth Ridge or Mexico including El Presidio. Rank 3 can be completed a number of ways including at El Presidio or Jorge's Gap near Armadillo. Wolves or coyotes are good for Rank 4 since they attack in groups. Rank 5 is self explanatory.
Rank 1: Save Rathskeller Fork to obtain the weapon.
Rank 2: Kill one of each undead type
Rank 3: Kill three undead in one shot
Rank 4: Kill two zombie animals in one shot
Rank 5: Kill an undead while wearing the US Army Uniform or just kill an undead if story is completed

Rewards: Loot twice as much Explosive ammo

Note: If you are using the Undead Nightmare disc and do not see the above weapon challenges: exit Undead Nightmare, uninstall game data (not save data) for the main Red Dead Redemption game, and then reload Undead Nightmare. The challenges should appear when you get back into the game.