Missing Souls

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Missing Souls

Given the chaos of the zombie plague, numerous people are missing. Many might be lost but some have a chance of still being alive.

Rewards: Semi-Automatic Pistol, Undead Hunter Outfit Scrap

A different kind of bounty

Inside Fort Mercer an army captain nails up a poster with a face on it among other information. The same young woman seen other places pulls a curious child away. John walks over and jokes how the military is doing a clerk's job during a crisis. The captain tells John that the family of the girl on the poster wouldn't appreciate his comments to which John becomes confused.

The captain informs John that it isn't a killer with a bounty their head. The girl on the poster is a missing person and unfortunately presumed dead. John apologizes and the captain tells him to just find the girl, named Millicent Waterbury. He walks off.

Missing Millicent

View the poster or just take it down. A blue bandaged head marker appears on the map at Pleasance House. Go there to find the girl. Upon arriving, a screaming Millicent is trapped inside the house with a horde of zombies surrounding it. John yells at them to stop and they focus on him instead.


The game automatically enters Dead-Eye so paint a headshot on all the zombies you can and fire away. When all of them are dead, Millicent will run out and embrace her savior. Get on a horse and return her to Fort Mercer. Millicent says she was out in the open to find more food. After introductions are made John tells her how his family is infected. Millicent has seen some startling things but nothing like the zombie plague.

At Fort Mercer just ride up to the front gate. A cutscene shows the two being let inside. Millicent runs to her mother and thanks John once again before walking away. The captain advises Mr. Comedian that there are plenty more missing people to find.


  • This mission is an introduction to the Missing Persons side objective. After completion, posters will appear at the safe zones Fort Mercer and El Presidio with similar tasks at various locations around the map. There are 9 additional missing persons in New Austin and 6 in Nuevo Paraiso.
  • For this and other Missing Person objectives, saving most or all towns will allow you to fast-travel around the map to cut down time. You'll still need to escort the person to the safe zone, though.
  • Note: Avoid Jorge's Gap. It is a canyon completely filled with zombies.
  • The game automatically enters Dead-Eye at Pleasance House.
  • Depending how long you take to kill all the zombies, more can appear after Millicent exits the house.