An Honest Day's Labors

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  • Kill all of Langton's men during the horseback escape
  • After choosing your approach, escape with Shane Finley within 5 minutes
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

An Honest Day's Labors

As promised, Sadie has more bounty work for John to help with. This one brings them into New Austin so Sadie can reclaim a bounty that was hers in the first place.

Rewards: $200


Sadie has plenty of work for John. She tells him about finding Shane Finley who is wanted in five states last week but got robbed herself by another bounty hunter named James Langton. They're in the desert waiting to hand off Finley to troopers in the north. Sadie had cut the loss but with John's help they can get Finley back. The money is real good. The two walk out of the saloon.

Mount your horse and follow Sadie. John compliments her new horse. He tells Sadie she should visit his ranch sometime. Uncle and now Charles are there. John invites her to build a cabin on his ranch but Sadie says she is past doing that now. Neither has heard of Dutch's whereabouts. Maybe one day they can find Micah. Cinematics take over and bring you to the edge of Pikes Basin.

Continue to follow Sadie. They are going to the cliffs overlooking the area. She doubts Langton will hand over Finley without issue. Arriving at the cliffs use your binoculars to survey Armadillo which can be seen ahead. A group of four horseman are riding out of the town. That's them. Finley is tied up on the lead horse. Sadie wants to follow them and see where they go.

Mount your horse and follow Sadie again. She says they are headed into the canyon nearby. Ride over to the edge of the canyon and watch the bounty hunters enter. Follow along as Sadie talks to herself. They'll head off Langton ahead where it opens up. At the east end of the canyons dismount and go to the edge. Sadie says Langton is stopping as expected and waiting for the rest of his men. Sadie and John may be outnumbered but John is worth ten men.

Quiet or loud

Sadie isn't sure how to proceed and leaves it to John to decide: sneak in, threaten Langton, or start shooting. Your choice.

Sneaking will have you follow Sadie down into the canyons. Below two guards are ahead. Kill one and Sadie takes the other. Keep moving and Sadie will get the next one in front of a bridge. Move across but you'll create too much noise and the shooting begins. Fight your way across the next bridge and over to the bounty. Guards appear all over including up on the walls. When you get near the bottom of the canyon three guards ride in on horseback. Kill them all.

Threatening will have Sadie attempt to get Finley back by yelling down to Langton. John will cover from the ridgeline. It doesn't work and a fire fight begins. You end up following the same process as choosing to shoot.

Shooting will have you and Sadie find a place to take aim. Pick a guard below and start firing. Wipe them out and more will appear off to the right of you. Shoot them and move that way. Continue taking out guards on your way down into the canyon. They appear all over including up on the walls. When you get near the bottom of the canyon three guards ride in on horseback. Kill them all.


However you do it, get to Shane Finley. It's possible for him to get killed. Put him on your horse and ride out with Sadie. Two guards run across the bridge above. Kill them and go left. Three more are on foot along the right wall and three are on horseback to the left. Around the bend four guards are stationed above with one on the left and three on the right plus three more on horseback from the left. Wipe them out. It's possible for Finley to get struck in the crossfire.


Reach the end of the canyon and with the pursuers dead cinematics take over. Night falls as you are put back in control in the Great Plains. If alive, Finley complains he needs to go to the bathroom. Sadie says to hit him and you have the option to do so. He'll continue to complain and you can hit him again. Bounty hunting has its rewards. Sadie thinks with Langton gone there will be more need for their services. John wants to be a rancher but he needs to pay for it somehow.

At the police station in Blackwater grab Shane Finley off your horse. If he's alive drop him in the open cell. Otherwise the police chief will identify him and tell John to dump the body out back. The police chief questions Sadie about losing Finley. She got him back and admits she killed Langton too. The chief gives her the money and the duo walks out. John takes his cut. Sadie has plenty more work if he wants it. One will find the other. Sadie Rides off.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy while riding with Sadie.
  • Choose to shoot the enemies. This will get to the action the fastest.
  • Quickly shoot the guards below then go right. Shoot those guards and make your way into the canyon taking out every guard along the way. Work your way to the bottom and finish off the remaining guards. Quickly grab Finley and wait for your horse to run over. Put him on, mount up, and ride out.
  • Slow down a little during the escape to make it easier to hit the enemies. There are 15 of them. The second set of stationary guards on the right around the bend can be a pain. You are better off going past them and aiming backwards. When dealing with the guards on horseback it is possible to take out the leader and he'll trip up the other two causing their deaths.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. Aim for headshots. Try to save Dead Eye for the final escape on horseback.
  • There is no headshot objective but you need to work quickly throughout the fight and escape.
  • If you want to increase your accuracy aim for non-lethal parts such as arms or torso. Try not to do this during the escape.
  • The fight in the canyon has cover for both sides. The guards up high can still get to you. During the escape you are in the open.