100% Completion Breakdown

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Your 100% progress can be found in the Pause Menu > Stats > General. Other portions of completion can also be found in stats and the rest of the pause menu as well.

If you have a Rockstar Games Social Club account, you can track your progress here. With your console and Social Club accounts synced, your progress will be updated automatically when your console is connected to the internet.

Story Missions [23%]

Each of the 8 Story Missions in Undead Nightmare carries 0% to 5%. During some of these you are required to complete other portions of the game that also give points towards 100%. On a Pale Horse is not really a mission but more of an epilogue of Undead Nightmare and the permanent zombie state after completion.

Survivor Missions [12%*]

There are 6 Survivor Missions (Strangers) worth 2% each. They are found on the map as green "?" icons. There is one in West Elizabeth, four in New Austin, and one in Nuevo Paraiso.

*Note that "Missing Souls" will yield an extra 1% for returning a Missing Person, however, this is a bug and the Social Club only gives 2% for that mission (see Missing Persons below for additional info).

Cemeteries [10%]

There are 5 cemeteries to clear with each worth 2%.
  • Blackwater
  • Coot's Chapel
  • Odd Fellow's Rest
  • Tumbleweed
  • Sepulcro

Missing Persons [15%*]

You need to rescue 16 missing persons in New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso with each worth 1%*. The first person, Millicent, is done through the Missing Souls side mission. The other 15 are found via posters at Fort Mercer and El Presidio.

*You may receive 16% total upon completion of these tasks but it is a bug where the first (Millicent) is not supposed to count during that mission. You can hold that extra point until reaching the end of the game where it will be discounted upon completing other objectives and the 100% math will then work again. The Social Club checklist only lists the additional 15 Missing Persons.

Outfits [4%]

Unlock the Zombie Hunter outfit for 4%. The other outfits do not count directly towards 100% completion.

Undead Challenges [16%]

There are 4 Undead Challenges to complete throughout the game. You can also find weapon challenges for the Tomahawk and Explosive Rifle but they do not count towards 100% completion.
  • Undead Hunter
  • Undead Sharpshooter
  • Undead Treasure Hunter
  • Four Horses of the Apocalypse

Towns Saved [20%]

Save all 20 locations needing help in the game with each counting for 1%. Three locations on the map are safe zones that never get overrun.