Biographies and Lies

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Biographies and Lies

A legendary old friend is doing his part to keep his corner of Mexico in order but could use a few supplies for a new type of weapon.

Rewards: Boom Bait

Stayin' alive

Inside Casa Madrugada, the zombies continue to indulge in the world's oldest profession. Unfortunately one living man wants no part in zombie prostitution and runs out. The female zombie chasing him is quickly subdued by the one and only Landon Ricketts. He berates the thankful man and tells him to leave.

Landon greets John back to paradise. John says things were supposed to be better in Mexico but Landon says this is as good as it gets. After hearing how John and his family are doing, Landon goes into a long list of things he has seen during his lifetime. He calmly lights a stick of dynamite and tosses it into a room of zombies. It explodes and Landon goes on to say he has never seen anything like the current plague.

Landon wants something to attract the zombies so that they can be killed quicker and wiped out once and for all. John knows exactly what is needed: bait. Landon also requests dynamite since he is running low. The two part ways and John heads out.

Scavenger hunt

You are told to get Undead Bait and Dynamite for Landon. Undead Bait was given to you by Nigel West Dickens but if you need more you'll have to build some with Prairie Poppies (Great Plains, West Elizabeth) and Wild Feverfew (New Austin). In your satchel under "kit" is the "Build: Boom Bait" option. Dynamite can be looted from zombies (rare) or given as a reward for saving El Matadero, Agave Viejo, or Gaptooth Breach. You'll need two of both boom bait and dynamite.

Return the items to Landon a few hours after your last meeting. Landon is relaxing out in the open. John hands over the items and Landon thinks for a few seconds. He places the dynamite stick into the top of the bait bottle and tosses it near a zombie. The zombie heads towards the impact but Ricketts shoots the dynamite causing it to explode and take out the zombie.

Landon loves it and the two sit down. He makes another and gives it to John. Landon reminisces about his younger days and says a man from Chicago is writing his biography and an artist from Pittsburgh painted his portrait. John doesn't really care to hear about that but more so about the cause of the plague. Landon heard about problems near Escalera but not of his concern. John tells Landon to take care and heads out.


  • Undead Bait is made from Prairie Poppies (found in the Great Plains, West Elizabeth) and Wild Feverfew (New Austin).
  • Dynamite can be looted from zombies or given as a reward for saving El Matadero, Agave Viejo, or Gaptooth Breach.
  • If you have the items already, you'll need to wait a few in-game hours for the next part to be available.