The Great Mexican Train Robbery

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The Great Mexican Train Robbery

Fastest Time: 9:29
Shot Accuracy: 35%
Number of Headshots: 12
The rebels need supplies so Reyes wants to take some from the Mexican Army by stealing a train. They won't let it go easily, though.

Rewards: +$200, +200 Fame, +125 Honor, Pardon Letter

Speaking up

Under close guard, Marston enters the rebel camp at Agave Viejo to meet with Abraham Reyes. After interrupting the rebel planning meeting, Reyes greets John and shows how men like them could rule the country by working the rebels around them into a chant. After some more discussions about how Reyes will make a great leader, John is invited to participate in a robbery - for a good cause, of course. John accepts.

Four and a half minute ride

Get on your horse and ride with Reyes to Chuparosa. It's a pretty long ride as the title of this section states. Discussions of John's past surface once again including his former leader Dutch. Reyes takes a liking to Dutch's way of doing things but John says he ended up going crazy. Reyes reveals how poems and song are powerful communication tools in Mexico but John learns some flaws with those methods. Reyes also shares a few words about the current leaders of Mexico with some very specific examples.

As they approach Chuparosa, Reyes explains that there is a supply train destined for army forces. When they arrive in the village Reyes explains the plan. He'll create a distraction and lure some guards away. John will then board the train and disconnect some army cars while using throwing knives to quietly take out anyone he needs to.

Very very sneaky

Reyes runs off to grab his horse. He creates some noise by yelling about the revolution and rides off with two guards running after him. In control of Marston, quietly make your way towards the train. You don't need to actually crouch. Use the knives to take out the guards you see. There are two standing around and two sitting on the train car. Take them out and get on the train. There is one up on the roof of the station plus another on the train towards the engine. Take them out and get to the coupler. Disconnect the cars and watch the cinematic.


Keep heading towards the engine and get to the Gatling gun. There is another enemy soldier standing next to it so take him out too. You are instructed to use the Gatling gun to take out the enemies around the camp off to the left. You can use the gun or switch to a rifle. There are four in the camp initially and more will run in as you knock down the waves. Eventually there will only be enemies towards the front of the train. Get off the Gatling gun if needed and get to the top of the large armored car via the ladder. On the next car will be a few enemies waiting so sneak up to the edge. Note: It appears that using a rifle will cause fewer enemies to run into the camp but that means more are waiting on the next train car. Something to consider.

Keep moving towards the engine and you will encounter a couple more enemies at the end of the last (actually first) train car. There will be 15 enemies total in this part. Hop over the tender and release the engine's brake. There will be a cinematic of the train moving across the desert and stopping short of Casa Madrugada with Reyes waiting.

About that armored train car...

Reyes will compliment John's actions and tell him to take what he wants from the armored car. Since it's armored, of course it needs a little bit of explosives to get it open. Run over and get to the roof hatch. Plant the dynamite as instructed and jump down to the adjacent car to get clear. A cinematic will show the explosion. Get back up there and climb in. There are two dead guards to loot and a safe at the far end.

To crack the safe, walk up and initiate the lock picking sequence. A dial and three padlocks will be shown on the screen. Using your analog stick to rotate the dial to the right slowly. Eventually the first padlock will begin to vibrate. Stop and let it unlock. Now turn the dial to the left and wait for the second padlock to vibrate. Do the same for the second and third padlocks. If you miss the number, continue rotating the dial until it comes around again. You only need to reset if you start going the opposite way without getting the padlock. When all three are unlocked, a cinematic will show John opening the safe and taking the goods. The code is random.

Exit the train car and go to Reyes. He'll thank John for his help. Marston reminds him about the men he's seeking but Reyes doesn't have information yet. His spies will have it soon, though. The rebels ride off.

Gold Tips

  • Get on your horse and follow Reyes to Chuparosa.
  • Move to the right but stay next to the fountain area while Reyes gets his horse.
  • When the distracted guards are in front of the posada (inn), sprint up to the station.
  • Use the throwing knives to take out the enemy guards described above. Aim for the head and try not to take long throws since they are less accurate.
  • Uncouple the cars and get to the Gatling gun. Take out the guard standing next to it.
  • Use your rifle to Dead-Eye/headshot the enemies in the camp and their reinforcements.
  • Get to the front of the train using Dead-Eye to headshot the remaining guards.
  • Release the engine's brake.
  • After stopping, sprint to the armored car and get to the top.
  • Plant the dynamite and jump down to the lower car to get clear. You may need to take a few steps away to trigger the cutscene.
  • Get back up to the top and jump down inside. Avoid the ladder so John doesn't use and waste time.
  • Run over to the safe and follow the lock picking method above.
  • Get out of the car and sprint to Reyes

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