Goodbye, Dear Friend

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  • Find Colm's back up within 45 seconds
  • Get 8 headshots with a long scoped rifle
  • Complete within 6 minutes 30 seconds

Goodbye, Dear Friend

Colm O'Driscoll is scheduled for the gallows but he has a history of cheating death. Dutch, Arthur, and Sadie will try to make sure he reaches his final destination.

Rewards: Carcano Rifle

Playing dress-up

Dutch and Sadie are bickering in the tavern. They are happy, though, because today Colm O'Driscoll will be hanged. Arthur won't believe it until Colm's neck snaps but that's why they are going to be there to make sure it happens. Dutch and Arthur will be disguised as police officers. Sadie gets gussied up too.

Outside the tavern follow Dutch with Sadie through the alleyways to the gallows. The outfits are not the most comfortable but it's for a good cause. Colm took something from all of them including Sadie's husband and Dutch's darling Annabelle. They need to keep their guns holstered and their heads calm. Arriving at Guiteau Square, a small crowd is waiting to witness the hanging. Dutch stops them outside the entranceway. He sees some of Colm's boys. They are pointing at a building across the street. One of them starts walking that way. Dutch and Arthur will see where he goes.

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Follow the O'Driscoll. Dutch and Arthur bicker a little but stay focused on Colm. The O'Driscoll cuts into a courtyard. Dutch and Arthur take cover in a doorway as two O'Driscolls discuss their plan. There are plenty of cops so when one of them on the roof - named Paul - starts shooting they need to move quickly. The two walk off. Dutch tells Arthur to find a way up to the roof and take out the gunner silently.

There are two ways to get up there. Dutch will point out a ladder towards the left. Take that and then stairs inside the building to the roof. Or you can ask a man walking in the courtyard who says there are stairs up to the next level ahead. Make your way up whichever way you wish and get to the shooter's location. You'll need to climb around a few roofs to get there. Dutch will return to Sadie. There is a rifle and case on the roof overlooking the gallows. Approach it and an O'Driscoll sneak attacks from behind with a knife. Kill him and pick up the rifle to observe the hanging.


On the stage below a lawman gives a long speech about Colm's exploits as he is led out and has a noose placed around his neck. Colm laughs at the charges but is gagged. Sadie and Dutch sneak up to some O'Driscoll boys in the crowd and hold knives to their necks. Colm looks down and sees them. He then looks up at Arthur who waves at him. Horror fills Colm's face as he realizes there is no rescue this time. He takes a few short breathes before the lever is pulled. Colm drops and dies.


Unable to contain her emotions, Sadie slits the throat of her O'Driscoll and shoots the one Dutch has. Dutch grabs her as the crowd flees in all directions. He fends off more O'Driscolls and finds cover with Sadie. Dutch yells to Arthur for help. Take out the O'Driscolls to clear a path for Dutch and Sadie. They are all over the square using various cover. A few police officers will help. Kill most of them and a few appear from the left along with a wagon that has two more. Keep shooting and the last one will flee.

Dutch and Sadie get on the wagon to get away. Dutch waves off Arthur. Colm is shown dangling as police officers inspect the casualties from the shootout. Arthur is then shown dumping his uniform in a trashcan. He goes back to camp.

If you love something...

In camp Tilly comes over to ask how they made out. Colm is dead but they still have the government to worry about. Tilly hands Arthur a letter. She assumes it's from Mary. Arthur opens the envelope and finds a ring along with a letter. He reads it.

It is indeed from Mary. She was wondering where Arthur went but newspapers filled her in. She misses him but cannot join his lifestyle and he'll never leave it. She goes on to say that there is a good man inside but he is facing a giant that constantly wins. Both of them have broken each other's hearts. Mary enclosed the ring Arthur had given her a long time ago when they were young. She cares for it but it will always remind her of Arthur. She tells him to find people in love and give it to them. Without it Mary will be free.

Put the letter away. You are given the ring and a photo of Mary & Arthur when they were young. Access it from your satchel.

Gold Tips

  • Do not waste any time following Dutch and Sadie to the gallows and then following the O'Driscoll.
  • Quickly run ahead and take the stairs to the roof as shown in purple above. Get over to the shooter's location as fast as you can and take him out.
  • Use a sniper to headshot the O'Driscolls below. There are around 10 of them for you to get. You'll need to be quick since Dutch, Sadie, and two law officers will be assisting.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. You can try to wait for a few to stay still behind cover to save a little Dead Eye. You'll want it for the last one that flees.
  • There is no accuracy objective but again you want to be quick.