Bare Knuckle Friendships

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  • After arriving in Saint Denis, find Charles within 1 minute 50 seconds
  • Kill all of Guido Martelli's men within 10 seconds

Bare Knuckle Friendships

John and Uncle venture to St. Denis to find Charles who is making a living in back alley fights. The people losing bets aren't the only ones that want to speak with them.

Rewards: $28.84 (bet for Charles)

Fight night

John finds Uncle sleeping in the shack. He's tired of him just lounging around and ends up kicking him. Uncle jumps up and tells John he thinks he knows where Charles Smith is. He was also drunk when he heard the info so maybe it was a dream. They need to ride to St. Denis. Both men hop on a train to get there. Back in St. Denis John says he never liked this place. Follow Uncle. John says they should split up. He'll take the saloons and Uncle takes the slums.

Go to the saloon or fence to ask about Charles. Question the clerks at either location. They point you to Saint Saturnines. Go there and Uncle asks what took so long. Walk through the alley. John finds Charles getting a pep talk from the ringmaster. Charles is happy to see John alive and vice versa. Charles isn't exactly in trouble. He has been throwing fights for a few extra dollars. He's not happy with it but maybe they should go place a bet. John mentions Abigail left him.


Charles places money on himself - the Lone Wolf - to win. You are given the option to bet on him to win or lose. Your choice. Once placed the ringmaster introduces the fighters as the crowd gathers around them. The opponent is Simon of Wales. The only way to win is by knockout, retirement, or death. When the fight begins you can cheer or boo.

Charles wins so the bookmaker hands out the money and says he made some people unhappy. So it goes. John says if he needs to lie low he has a place near Blackwater. Charles had booked a steamer heading north for when he threw the fight but he agrees to go with John. He needs to grab his baggage. Uncle says he'll meet them at the bridge outside the city. He has errands to run. John tells him to be quick.

Catching up

Follow Charles to the docks. John tells Charles about Arthur saving him. Charles heard about Arthur's death up north and returned to bury him and Susan Grimshaw. Arthur is on a hill facing the evening sun. Charles understands that John had to run. John got Arthur's satchel including his journal which John is continuing to draw in. They'll comment about Arthur's sickness.

Charles thought everyone else was dead. John thought the same of him. Dutch's status is unknown. Possibly dead. Hopefully Micah is dead. John informs Charles that Micah was the one talking to the Pinkertons. Charles says Strauss was picked up by them and died in custody without saying a word. Strong man.

At the docks Charles tells John to be careful. Some of Guido Martelli's men are next to them. He worked for Angelo Bronte. The men spread out and tell Charles and John to come back. What now? Charles goes left, John goes right. Both take cover behind crates as the men begin to fire. Take out Martelli's men. When they are dead get on the wagon with Charles who grabs his bag. You are given a wanted level. Charles will drive.

Charles evades the police officers which St. Denis isn't short on. Charles says Martelli and the police chief are close so if they get caught they won't make it out of the interview room. The heat is lost. John never wants to come to St. Denis again. He likes simple folks and wide-open spaces. They meet up with Uncle at the bridge and tell him they were getting shot at. Not very good shots. They all ride out. Later on John is chopping firewood back at Beecher's Hope.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy after finding Charles and walking to the docks.
  • When walking with Uncle begin calling for your horse so it will meet you outside the archway. Mount up and run to the saloon icon (your speed is limited). Get off out front, run inside, and speak with the bartender. Immediately turn around and walk out. Outside the new marker appears around the corner so mount up again and run there. Quickly move with Uncle into the alley (again, your speed is limited).
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to kill Martelli's men. You do not need to use one continuous Dead Eye shot (Dead Eye not required either) and that can be a pain since they are spread out. Headshots and accuracy do not matter but you need to kill them quickly. Getting headshots should be easy.