Fleeting Joy

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  • Kill 2 Pinkertons during the Dead Eye ambush
  • Get 5 headshots with the Gatling Gun
  • Get at least 70% accuracy with the Gatling Gun
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Fleeting Joy

Arthur and the others from Guarma reunite with the rest of the gang in Lakay. Unfortunately their party gets interrupted by uninvited guests.

Rewards: Guns, money, and items previously lost.

Heated welcome

Going into the village of Lakay, Arthur finds Pearson, Sadie, and Abigail who are all happy to see him. They take him inside where others welcome him. Micah and Javier are already there. Sadie says John is at Sisika prison working a chain gang.

Later at night Dutch finally arrives. Strauss says Sadie got them all out of Shady Belle before the Pinkertons showed up. Sadie and Charles then drove out the inhabitants of Lakay. Dutch vows to get everyone out of here. Abigail says Hosea and Lenny were given burials after they stole the bodies. Bill makes his way in with less of a welcome.

As Bill settles in, the one and only Agent Milton announces his presence outside. They found them already. The gang gets ready as Milton is shown next to a Gatling gun. He tosses the idea of a countdown and lets his men loose on the house. The gang takes cover inside. Follow Sadie crawling out the back. Bullets strike lanterns and start a fire. Sadie says there is a trap door in the other house so they can flank the Pinkertons. Follow her over and up into the next house. Take cover at the door.

My house

The shooting stops and Milton begins to rant about hunting them down and how he enjoyed killing the others so far. Arthur takes a rifle from Sadie and bursts through the door. He enters Dead Eye so take out each Pinkerton you see. When the Dead Eye ends finish off anyone you missed. There are six of them but four more come through the woods ahead. Kill them and eight to ten more come from the road to the east and the other building just north of it. There is a Pump-Action Shotgun in one of the shacks if you want it.


Kill most of them and you are told to get on the gun. Go over and take control of the Maxim gun as numerous Pinkertons come in from the east and south. Explosive crates appear around you if there are too many to fend off. When most of them are dead the last few will flee.

Arthur makes his way down off the gun, visibly exhausted. Dutch tells Pearson and Grimshaw to start packing up. Bill and Javier will scare off anyone else. They need a few days. The gang can't go any further east so they'll need to go north. Abigail says they are going to hang John but Dutch brushes her off. She turns to Sadie and Arthur for help. Sadie will look into it and meet Arthur at a local tavern.

Writing in his journal, Arthur expresses the mess they have on their hands. Dutch seems to be going crazy with everything that happened.

Gold Tips

  • There is no time objective so take it easy.
  • You cannot kill any Pinkertons before getting into the next house with Sadie.
  • Paint targets on at least 2 Pinkertons during the Dead Eye sequence. They don't have to be headshots but you'll need to kill them. Of course the more you can take out, the less you need to worry about afterwards. The sixth is behind the gunner but sometimes he moves out at the last second.
  • Save your Dead Eye for the Gatling gun.
  • There is plenty of cover during the firefight for you and the Pinkertons.
  • For the Gatling/Maxim gun you need to use Dead Eye. Wait for an enemy to be still with their head in view. Then use quick Dead Eye bursts to shoot once. Get 5 headshots and you can dismount. Then clean out the rest with regular weapons. You can dismount prior to restore Dead Eye if needed.
  • Note the Gatling gun has terrible mechanics for accuracy. Aside from poor control and rapid-fire shots, the third person aspect can cause you to hit objects before your target - or miss your target completely.
  • If you want to increase your accuracy aim for non-lethal parts such as arms and torso. The explosive crates should count as hits towards the accuracy count as long as an enemy was impacted.