Outlaws from the West

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  • Take no damage during the shootout
  • Loot 6 or more items from Adler Ranch
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy

Outlaws from the West

Welcome to the world of Red Dead Redemption 2! This mission kicks-off the game and main story which follows the Van der Linde gang after a botched robbery in Blackwater. They are now seeking shelter in the snowy mountains.

Rewards: Cattleman Revolver, Loot


Title cards set the scene: It's 1899 and the age of outlaws and gunslingers is at an end. As the game world appears, we are shown snowy mountains during a blizzard. A wagon train is making its way through the thick snow - the passengers obviously worse for wear. A man walks up to the front of a carriage led by Dutch and tells him one of the passengers named Davey is dying. Dutch confirms that Arthur is scouting ahead. The man next to Dutch hopes the law is as lost as they are. Up ahead Arthur appears. He's found shelter and it's not far.

At the abandoned town, Dutch's partner looks through the buildings and finds a place for everyone to huddle in. They put Davey on a table and one of the women begins ordering the others to set up. Another woman exclaims that Davey is dead. She did all she could. Dutch talks to his ranking men. John and Micah are out there still looking and need to be found. Dutch and Arthur are going to go look for them.

Dutch addresses his people. He knows it's been bad the past few days but they are safe now. No one could have followed them here. He tells Mr. Pearson, a large man, and Ms. Grimshaw, the woman taking charge previously, to turn this place into a home. He tells them all to stay strong and stay with him. They aren't done yet. Dutch and Arthur walk outside. Arthur asks what really happened on the boat but Dutch dodges the question and says the money is still in Blackwater. Mr. Smith brings over horses. Dutch tells him to rest his hand and get indoors. The duo rides out.


You are put in control of Arthur. Controls are displayed and you are told to follow Dutch. The weather is obviously terrible but should end soon. They continue on and you are given the option to ask Dutch questions. Discuss what went wrong on the boat or if he at least got the money.

Up ahead they spot someone. It's Micah. He's found a homestead but it's not empty. They'll follow Micah. He asks about the gang's status. Dutch informs him that Davey and Jenny are dead. Sean and Mac are unknowns. Micah hasn't seen John but Arthur isn't worried. Dutch tells Arthur to move up and he'll take the rear. Do so and you are given the option to ask Micah some questions. Micah hasn't talked to anyone at this new place under Dutch's orders. It's not far.

They reach the homestead and turn off their lanterns. Don't want to give themselves away. They head down. Continue to follow them. Hitch your horse outside the ranch at the hitching post and then follow Dutch. He will talk to the occupants but one lonely man is less intimidating than three degenerates. Micah is told to hide behind the wagon. Arthur is told to go into the shed. Do so and take cover.

Change of pace

Dutch approaches the door and begins his lost boy act. You are told how to peak out and look around - especially at Micah. While the residents are becoming less-than-kind to Dutch, Micah spots something in the back of the wagon: a body. Arthur tells him to keep an eye on Dutch. Controls for the weapon wheel are displayed. Equip your pistol. The conversation with Dutch is turning sour fast. The jig is up.


Take aim and shoot the three outlaws in front of the house. Another will come out from within, a second is upstairs in the window, and a third one comes from behind the house on the right. Kill them and two more appear from the left side - one from the outhouse and the other from behind the main house. Kill one and the other will hightail it out of there. Kill him or let him go. When you're done regroup with Dutch who is upset that the O'Driscoll boys are hear. Micah is told to search the area for more of them. Dutch and Arthur will have a look inside the house.

Inside you are told to take the essentials: food, medicine, and whiskey. Walk around and follow the controls displayed in order to search the place. Take whatever you can and remember to look upstairs. Other items can be found to examine such as a photograph above the fireplace for "Jake & Sadie wedding". Arthur will also say he's hungry and you are told how to use your satchel to find and consume items. When you're finished go outside to Dutch. He'll tell Micah to take another look around the house and Arthur to check out the barn. Head there.

Raining men

Open the barn door and walk in. It appears empty until an O'Driscoll drops down on top of Arthur. Beat him down as Dutch wanders over to see what's going on. He tells Arthur not to kill him - yet - and find out what he knows first. Interrogate the O'Driscoll about where they're leader Colm is. If he doesn't give up the info easily give him a few punches between questions. The O'Driscoll reveals that Colm is in a small mining town nearby. They are getting ready to rob a train. Dutch is happy with that and tells Arthur to do as he pleases with the boy but bring the horse. Spare him or kill him. Your choice.

After making your choice grab your gun and hat. Approach the horse and calm it down. Give it a pat and then lead it out of the barn to the hitching post. It is now designated as your horse. Hitch the horse and a noise is heard from inside the house. A woman screams for Micah to get away from her. Go inside as a crazed woman from the cellar throws things at an excited Micah. Dutch tells him to leave her alone but he continues to provoke her and accidentally starts a fire. Dutch intervenes and calms her down. She is safe with them but not here.

Outside the woman says the O'Driscolls came three days ago. Arthur helps her onto Dutch's horse and they ride off. The woman is Mrs. Sadie Adler. The body in the wagon was her husband. They disappear into the blizzard as the house burns down.

Getting warm

Back at camp Dutch is welcomed with open arms. He talks about the homestead and how Colm O'Driscoll had found it first. There are more of them around but for now they have some supplies to wait out the storm. Ms. Tilly and Ms. Karen take Sadie inside. Ms. Grimshaw has set up sleeping quarters for Dutch and Arthur. Ms. O'Shea will take them there. Micah is with Bill Williamson and the others - something he's not happy about. The first mission is now complete and leads directly into the next - Enter, Pursued by a Memory.

Gold Tips

  • There is no time adjective so take it easy.
  • Stay in cover in the shed. You can hit all the enemies from there.
  • There is no Dead Eye at this point so instead take your time aiming for headshots.
  • If you want extra accuracy points aim for non-lethal parts of the O'Driscolls such as arms and torso.
  • Search around the cabin and bodies to find food, ammo, and other items.