The Bridge to Nowhere

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  • Plant the dynamite within 1 minute 35 seconds
  • Escape the oncoming train within 19 seconds

The Bridge to Nowhere

Dutch wants a distraction so John and Arthur will blow up a rail bridge. Working on a narrow bridge loaded with explosives may not be the safest idea.



John is prepping the dynamite next to Bacchus Bridge. While in jail he had time to think and is starting to believe Dutch isn't who he used to be. John and Arthur begin to light cigarettes but realize how good of an idea that is. Back to Dutch, it seems like he just wants to create more chaos. Arthur's advice to John: take the family and get out. John could give something to Jack. There's no way out of this. Run and don't look back. For now, they need to help Dutch inflict pain on the people chasing them.

John and Arthur load up the dynamite onto a handcar before getting on. Pump the handcar in sync with John to move it out onto the bridge. There's a place a third of the way they can go underneath. John stops the handcar in the middle. Get off and grab a dynamite crate. John goes down below the bridge so lower the crate off the side to him hand over hand. When he has it get the next crate and repeat. After both crates are lowered climb down the ladder.

Johnny wants a big boom

Grab a bundle of dynamite. John says the bridge is already wired to the detonator so they just need to add the dynamite. There are three pillars for Arthur to attach it to. Go up to the first, attach the dynamite, and return to the crates for more. John does one at the other end and then goes up to the handcar to get it ready. Plant the third and John hears something coming. Run to the handcar. A whistle howls in the near distance. Train!

Climb up the ladder and get on as the train barrels onto the bridge. Pump the handcar and John says they are going to jump off. Get to the end and they do just that on the ground next to the tracks. The train roars by destroying the handcar. Neither man is dead so they proceed to blow up the bridge. Follow John to the detonator. Arthur will have the honor. Grab the plunger and push it down. The bridge erupts in a few fireballs as the middle sections fall to the river below.


There's the smoke show Dutch wanted. They'll find out how good of a distraction it is. John doesn't quite understand Dutch's plan but Arthur reiterates their previous conversation: run and don't look back. They're risking their necks for something that doesn't work anymore. John has a family he needs to provide for. Arthur needs a vacation.

Dutch has all of their money stashed but Abigail might know where some of it is. She should talk to Arthur when she is certain. Then they'll find out exactly what they should be loyal to. Arthur is seeing things more clearly now. John and Arthur didn't change. John rides off in the wagon and Arthur sits to catch his breathe.

Gold Tips

  • Use extreme caution while running around trying to pick up or plant the dynamite. You may accidentally climb over the railing instead. Try to avoid being near the railings but Arthur may move there on his own.
  • Start with the nearest pillar and work your way to the farthest one.
  • The first handcar trip is practice. Hold the push button as Arthur begins to push down. Then release at the bottom. Get the rhythm going and it will be a little easier.
  • When escaping the train quickly climb the ladder and get onto the handcar. Follow the pointers above for the handcar. The train is scripted to get close but won't kill you unless you mess up.