Favored Sons

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  • Kill the soldier on the cannon within 45 seconds
  • Get 35 headshots
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Favored Sons

Dutch and Arthur assist Eagle Flies giving the Army a stern warning to leave the Natives alone. There shouldn't be any blood lost. Just a scare.

Rewards: Loot

Small boom

Dutch, Eagle Flies, and other Natives are crouched along a cliff looking at the road below. They are going to trap a group of soldiers passing through, disarm them, and send a message to Uncle Sam. Arthur knows this isn't their fight and questions how Dutch has energy for pranks like this. Dutch tells him to help.

Follow Dutch who says the Army will see the Natives and not them. They'll slip away up the river. Help Dutch plant the explosives. He goes on to say that he isn't using the Natives, it is a mutual attention swap. Arthur has his doubts if this will help anyone. Down near the road pick up the spool and run wire to the dynamite Dutch places on the trees. Eagle Flies says the Army should be here in a few minutes. Dutch sent for some of the supplies from the Van Horn robbery for this. As for watching Colm swing, Dutch says they are starting to tie up loose ends.

After four of them Eagle Flies says that should be good. Follow Dutch back up to the cliff and go to the plunger. A spotter sees the patrol coming. It's larger than they thought but Dutch thinks that's a good thing. There are three on horseback and the rest are on foot behind them. When they are in the right place, detonate it. Explosions disorient the soldiers and trees fall across the road to block them in.

You and what army?

Eagle Flies tells the soldiers to put their weapons down. A sergeant tells him this is a mistake. Dutch speaks up but gets nowhere. Another group of soldiers is approaching. As Dutch tries to think for a second, a bullet flies by. They fired first. The area erupts in gun fire. Defeat the patrol. There are twelve soldiers in the first group scattered among the trees and rocks. The second group of six comes up to the cliff from the left. The last soldier from each will flee.


When the smoke clears Dutch order the others to loot the soldiers. Do so. They need to find anything of use such as papers with information. After looting three Dutch asks Arthur what he found. Just an ID card for a boy from New Jersey. They're all kids. An explosion takes out a group of Natives. More soldiers are coming from the north and this time they have a cannon.

Take out the patrol. There are twelve soldiers plus the artilleryman. When they are all dead Eagle Flies looks for Paytah. Cavalry horns are heard from nearby Fort Wallace. The Natives go to assist Paytah who is injured but alive. Dutch and Arthur bicker but get interrupted by a cannon shot. Dutch yells for them all to run.

On the run

Go to your horse. This area will be covered in soldiers soon. They don't see Eagle Flies but Dutch says they need to leave. Follow Dutch up into the trees. When they get deep enough he says to dismount. Soldiers are not too far away from them. Dutch slaps his horse so they'll run out away from them as a distraction. Continue to follow him but a soldier comes through the trees ahead with four more on large rocks to the right. Kill them.

Stay with Dutch. Five more soldiers including one on horseback appear on the left. Kill them and keep moving. This path will spit them out somewhere. Two more appear from the rocks behind you so either take them out or keep moving. Going left above the river, five soldiers appear from behind. One is up above you. Clear them out as a constant stream of replacements comes around. Dutch says they need to get out of here. Head towards the pass while fighting off the assault.

Higher power

At the bottom of the path, the rope bridge is destroyed. They are trapped. Soldiers come down the hill and tell them to put their hands up. Dutch tells Arthur to follow his lead and puts his guns away. He has a plan; a good one. Put Arthur's hands up to surrender as more soldiers approach from the other end of the pass. As Dutch talks, slowly back towards the cliff edge. Dutch makes a speech about how he was trying to fight change. He sees now that isn't a good idea. It's nature. You can't fight nature - or gravity.

Jump off the cliff with Dutch. Go down the river and swim to him on the left. He grabs Arthur to pull him out. On the shore Dutch says they escaped chaos. Eagle Flies was probably taken. Arthur says he may have been killed. Dutch will send Charles to find out. Arthur needs to rest up. Dutch walks away telling him to have faith. Arthur is found later by a campfire.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy and get the headshots.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. Aim for the head.
  • There is no accuracy objective but you'll want to take out the soldiers quickly before the others get them.
  • When dealing with the cannon, clear yourself a path while rushing up to it from the side.
  • There are around 45+ soldiers to headshot. You can stall at the end to make more appear before going down to the pass with Dutch. If you stall long enough the game will go to the next cutscene.
  • You kind of need to follow the game step-by-step to maximize your kills. Take out all the soldiers below before moving on to the ones coming up the cliff. Get a few of the soldiers coming at you from the north and then go around to get the cannon before mopping up the others. Stay ahead of Dutch in the trees to get the soldiers before he does. After the second group look behind you for the two extras on the rocks. Move down the final slope, kill the first group, then find the boulder you can take cover behind near the bottom. Get headshots until the cutscene plays.
  • There is a decent amount of cover for both you and the soldiers.