On a Pale Horse

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On a Pale Horse

Just when things are getting back to normal, some people feel the need to screw it all up again. This isn't really a mission but serves as an epilogue of Undead Nightmare and continues from the previous mission.

Rewards: Death (mythical apocalypse mount, if not already broken), Undead Cowboy Outfit

Warning: If you haven't completed Red Dead Redemption's story yet, a major spoiler will occur at the end of this mission.

Enough dramatics for one day

John returns home at Beecher's Hope and makes his way into the house. Abigail and Jack are hungry but mostly okay. John unties them and embraces his wife and son. Even after all that has happened, the jokes about Abigail's cooking persist. It looks like things are back to normal...

A few months later inside the tomb, the mask is taken from its ledge again. This time the culprit is none other than Seth Briars. He scurries off with the mask causing the plague to return. Back at Beecher's Hope, John rises from his grave overlooking the ranch. He is a zombie but a special one as the game explains:

"Marston was buried by his wife and son with a flask of water he seemed to treasure. They did not know of its special power. Now, he comes back to this earth with the body of an undead wretch but the soul of a man. Help put him to rest by finishing his work on earth."

You will now play as a zombie while completing any remaining challenges, side quests, or just free roaming in the nightmare landscape. The game world stays the same with towns occasionally becoming overrun by zombie hordes. You are given one of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse as a new mount: Death. This pale horse will kill any zombies it comes into contact with while moving.

Hopefully you enjoyed this fanciful expansion of Red Dead Redemption!

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