A Fork in the Road

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A Fork in the Road

For a while Arthur had been coughing a little and could lose his energy at times. This time a coughing fit lands him in a doctor office and the outlook is not good.

Rewards: -$10


While in the east end of St. Denis Arthur begins coughing hard. So much that he can't move and falls to the ground before passing out. A gentleman helps get Arthur off to the side and drags him along. Arthur continues to go in and out of consciousness. The man gets Arthur up and says he needs to go to the doctor. Help Arthur walk. He ends up stopping and coughing blood while telling the man he just needs a minute. Keep Arthur moving around the corner and into the doctor office.

Arthur tells the receptionist he needs to see the doctor who comes out to meet him. Walk into the back and sit in the chair. Being a family man and running a business, the doctor asks for money up front. Arthur hands him $10 and the doctor gets to work. Arthur tells him he's coughing a lot, sometimes with blood. The doctor checks his lungs and throat before washing up.


Finished with his examination, the doctor tells Arthur he has Tuberculosis. It's a progressive disease. He avoids telling Arthur the ultimate end of it and simply tells him to get rest in a warm, dry place - something Arthur isn't exactly capable of doing with his line of work. Knowing his fate, Arthur begins to leave but the doctor offers him a shot of energy to get him going for a little bit.

Outside the office everything has a golden yellow tint with no one else around. Start walking out of the area. Arthur hears quotes from various people we've met throughout the game so far. At a cross street an animal appears from the left. If you have low honor it will be a wolf; high honor a deer. It stares at Arthur and then runs off. You are put back in control.

The game tells you Arthur is sick and will only gain limited benefit from food and drink.

Gold Tips

  • Do not waste any time moving Arthur along. Get him inside the office and sit in the seat.
  • When Arthur exits, go left (east) and follow that road towards the right. It has the nearest cross street for the animal to appear at.