A Kind and Benevolent Despot

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  • Get Javier to safety in under 2 minutes
  • Get 10 headshots

A Kind and Benevolent Despot

Dutch and Arthur launch a rescue mission to save Javier. They'll need to enter the wasp nest that is Fussar's compound.



Dutch found the cave and a guide to lead them through. She is up ahead. Shimmy along the cliff edge. Dutch says they are going to get Javier back and escape back to St. Denis. They'll grab everyone they left behind and then disappear again. Dutch and Arthur get to the cave. Dutch calls out to Gloria, an elderly woman, who appears from the darkness. She talks about gold and Dutch hands her an ingot. She smells it and leads them in. Dutch mentions to Arthur that's the last one he has.

Follow Gloria through the caves. Arthur realizes that Fussar is one of the men from the St. Denis party. Dutch will ask about the workers so Arthur will give the status of that. The conversation turns to the bank robbery. Dutch thinks it's odd the Pinkertons took John alive. Abigail must have slipped away just in time too. All of their problems seem to be going to plan for someone. There's a maggot in the apple.

At the end of the cave they reach a gate. It's stuck so help Dutch lift and move it. They go to a ladder and Gloria tells them to go up. Then they will pay her more. Dutch ends up struggling with Gloria - who pulls a knife in defense - and kills her. He tells Arthur she was going to betray them. Arthur isn't sure that needed to be done but Dutch says he is making sure they survive. Arthur continues to question Dutch who ends up backtracking his own words. Arthur wonders if he'll be strangled next.

Classic Dutch distraction

Up the ladder and out of the caves, they see Fussar, Simon, and other guards dragging Javier into the compound behind a donkey. Javier says he is from Mexico and doesn't know the other men. Fussar doesn't believe him. They drag him a little further and stop to berate him. Dutch has had enough and begins sneaking over to some buildings nearby. The guards should be distracted with Javier and Fussar.

Follow Dutch. They pass through a shed and find two guards busy behind it. Dutch will take the one on the left, Arthur the right. Sneak up and stealth kill the guard. They need to hide them so pick up the body and put it in the bushes. Some ammo, food, and cocaine gum can be found on the tables in the shed if you want them. Continue to follow Dutch around the next building. He peers inside the windows and tells Arthur they are going to cause a distraction.

Follow him inside and take cover at the doorway. Wait for the guards to leave. Only one does so Dutch will take him. Arthur will take the other. Sneak up and stealth kill the guard on the left. There is some ammo next to him and chewing tobacco in front. Go around to Dutch who begins formulating a plan. They don't have explosives but they have a furnace and sugar. Go around sabotage the sugar refinery. Slash a bag of sugar with Dutch then go to the corner to close the windows. Finally go over to the furnace and work a valve.

Meet with Dutch who grabs a lantern and some kindling. He tells Arthur to go outside and wait for him. Do so. A smashing sound is heard and Dutch exits quickly. Follow Dutch past a stable and over to a well. The furnace should blow soon and they'll make a run for Javier. Eventually it does and the guards run over. Go to Javier who by now is in a cage. Additional guards come around and notice the men. Dutch shoots the lock and takes Javier out.

Grab and go

Defend Javier. There are four guards to the left. Two of them are in cover behind small walls. When most are down, four more come from around the furnace building with two on each side. Kill them and three come around the left side again. Dutch grabs Javier to make their escape. Go with Dutch around the main building. A guard comes around the corner so be ready. Kill him and another is at the far end under the overhang plus three on the road below to the left.


When they are dead Dutch moves to the end and towards a gate. Ten guards appear from the right and behind you. Fight them off as you all escape into the sugar fields. A continuous stream of guards chase you through. Dutch crosses the river to lose them. He tells Arthur to stay put and give him time to get away with Javier. Fight off the remaining guards. They come down the hill and a few are on top of the cliffs to the right. There are nine of them on top of any that made it through the field behind you. When they are all dead Arthur takes off running.

If you already completed Savagery Unleashed, this mission will lead directly into Hell Hath No Fury.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy leading up to the escape.
  • You can start shooting right after the explosion. Note it is possible to take out all three guards in one Dead Eye from in front of the building before going to the well but the game will always fail and say Javier died.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. Aim for headshots. You have plenty of opportunities to get 10.
  • There is some cover during the initial gunfight. You'll be quite exposed when on the run. The river has some cover with the rocks but be careful of the high gunners.
  • There is no accuracy objective but you'll want to take out the guards quickly especially during the escape into the sugar fields since there is a constant stream of reinforcements.
  • When escaping with Javier, the timer starts when you are told to cover Dutch. Quickly take out the two guards along the building and then go over to the road to take out the three running in. Those five will stop Dutch from moving.
  • You also need to stay close to Dutch so he will jog with Javier. If you get too far away he'll slow down.