Savagery Unleashed

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  • Release all the workers within 4 seconds
  • Complete within 5 minutes 40 seconds
  • Get 8 headshots

Savagery Unleashed

Arthur seeks out Leon to help recover some workers that escaped Fussar's men.


Welcome to Guarma

Arthur finds a body hung from a large tree. That's a good sign. A dart hits him in the neck and his vision gets blurry before he passes out. Arthur wakes up and is beaten by man repeatedly asking who Arthur is. Arthur eventually responds: Leviticus Cornwall. The man then shifts over to Leon who is tied up in chair to the left. Another one-armed man is tied to the wall ahead.

With the captor distracted, look around for a means to escape. Look down at Arthur's arms and try to pull them out of the rope. When that doesn't work start rocking the chair side-to-side until Arthur falls over. The chair breaks and you are told to grapple with the captor. Do so and beat him dead. Arthur then unties both men. Leon hears others nearby. He tells the one-armed man - Baptiste - to stay here. Leon will go with Arthur to get the workers. Baptiste gives Arthur a Carbine Repeater.

Stealth savior

Follow Leon. He knows a way around but they'll need to be quiet and not kill anyone. If they get caught the workers will be killed. Leon goes down stairs towards a destroyed church. Two guards are beyond an archway so Leon says to hide. Take cover behind the wall until they move. Leon moves to the left but another pops in ahead so hide again. Continue to follow Leon around the left side behind the guards.


He stops at another doorway and tells Arthur to take the other side. Two guards are talking just beyond but move. Leon moves up and then towards the middle. A guard is at a window lighting his cigarette with a lantern so be careful and move past him. Going around further Leon finds one of them hanging three workers. Shoot the hangman - real name Angel - and then the ropes to free the people. Leon begins to untie them but a horn is heard. The rest of the guards are coming.

Take cover and fight off Fussar's men. There are nine of them total in two waves including one up high on top of the building. Watch out for one or two flanking you on the sides. When they are all dead Leon returns to the workers. Arthur and Baptiste help free them. Arthur already misses home. Leon takes the workers away and Baptiste thanks Arthur for his help. He gives Arthur a little money.

If you already completed A Kind and Benevolent Despot, this mission will lead directly into Hell Hath No Fury.

Gold Tips

  • As soon as you can, look down and try to loosen one of your hands. You only need one. It takes 3 regular tries and a few more short pulls after.
  • Quickly begin to rock the chair. Follow Arthur, not the prompts, to get his momentum going. Hold the stick until he is about to stop and then change direction.
  • The fight with the captor is simple. Grapple and beat him.
  • You need to follow Leon. Stay close or else he'll stop. You shouldn't have an issue with any of the guards as long as you stay crouched. Trying to shoot them early results in an insta-death.
  • You can get a little ahead of Leon moving through the round section but do not move up to the hangman until Leon does.
  • Quickly move into the hall where the hangman is and enter Dead Eye. Pick him and the three ropes (the targets may appear high but that's okay) then shoot.
  • Go over to the workers and wait for the horns.
  • For the final fight you'll want to move around a little to get all of the guards since they will be hiding in cover. If you move to a middle column initially the guards will run past you since they are programmed to get closer to the workers. Do not go farther than the rounded section or else you'll "abandon Leon".
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. You'll waste a good part of it on the hangman and ropes. Aim for headshots.
  • There is no accuracy objective but you'll need to take them down quickly.