Home of the Gentry?

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Home of the Gentry?

John clears out Beecher's Hope and returns to the bank to get his loan. Outside the bank he meets a familiar yet unsettling face.

Rewards: $405 loan

Eviction notice

Speak with one of the squatters at Beecher's Hope hanging around a shack. John asks who's in charge but the squatter in front says no one is. It's a free country. John tells him that he's buying the land and they need to move on. One of the other squatters doesn't take kindly to that. You are given the option to give them money or intimidate them. If you give the squatters money, John tosses $10 at them to find someplace else to stay. The men scramble for it and walk off to celebrate. If you use intimidation, they resort to guns and you need to put down the squatters.

With that matter solved, John whistles for his horse. He rides back into Blackwater to update Atherton who has the paperwork ready. He gives John one last chance since the property isn't good and the price isn't either. John says it would mean a lot to his wife - or at least show he was listening to her. John signs the papers and Atherton finalizes them.

He congratulates John/Jim saying the bank now owns them and the property but he can buy his freedom each week and eventually be a homeowner. He's now a real American. Atherton hands John his copy. The line of credit can be used to make any home improvements needed. John is ecstatic and walks out.

So happy together

On the sidewalk a voice yells out to John. It's Uncle who thought John was dead. Uncle is surprised he didn't rob the bank but John says he's going straight. He's got some things to take care of but Uncle guilt trips John into letting him help. Get on your horse and return to Beecher's Hope. John explains how he bought a piece of property from the bank. Uncle laughs saying he can run from a bounty but can't run from a bank. John says Abigail and Jack are waiting until he's set up but Uncle sees through that excuse.


Arriving at the ranch, Uncle is unimpressed. What are they going to farm, rocks? John tells him to leave but Uncle says he needs an experience person to help. They're stuck with each other. Uncle takes refuge in the shack while John looks around. Cinematics show John moving rocks and fallen trees around while Uncle sits by a campfire. Later on John is working on the fence next to the south entrance. He hammers a final nail before walking in.

This completes Epilogue - Part I.

Gold Tips

  • Quickly deal with the squatters. Giving them money will yield honor. Killing them will take away honor.
  • Quickly mount your horse and ride back to Beecher's Hope with Uncle following the path in purple above. In Blackwater your speed is limited. Once you get out of town run along a ridge all the way over. Then hop the fence at the ranch and finish the ride to the marker.