Country Pursuits

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  • Return Jules to the skiff within 1 minute 40 seconds
  • Shoot the Bullgator 5 times

Country Pursuits

Dutch wants to hit Angelo Bronte before hitting the bank. The two are likely connected and he wants to have some revenge. They're going to need a boat for a surprise attack.


Muddy waters

Arthur walks into an argument between Dutch and Hosea. They are deciding whether to take revenge on Angelo Bronte or not. Dutch wants to but Hosea says not. Dutch wants to take him out before they hit the bank which Angelo likely has a hand in. Dutch says the bank will be the last job before they run off to Tahiti and become farmers. Arthur agrees to taking care of business. Hosea stands firmly against. Dutch and Arthur walk away.

Follow Dutch as he tells Arthur they are going to a place called Lagras to speak with a man named Thomas about a boat. They are going to attack Angelo Bronte from the swamp side of his house. He should know they survived the trolley station and will likely hit back. Mount you horse and continue to follow Dutch.

He thanks Arthur for taking his side on this issue. Arthur asks if attacking Bronte is really for the bank or just revenge. Dutch essentially says both. Arthur then questions Tahiti and Dutch gets defensive about it. They have to do work to get something in return. He knows they need to move out. He has a plan. He compares Arthur to John - and says Abigail is poisoning him again. Eventually he calms down. Their previous mistakes and the people they lost will not be in vain.

The man

As night falls they arrive in Lagras. Dismount and walk up to Thomas. Dutch greets him and introduces Arthur. Dutch and Thomas had been catching catfish previously and had a good time. Dutch needs a favor and asks if Thomas can row them into Bronte's house one evening. He accepts. Thomas says his partner Jules is out on the boat and he'll talk to him. He needs to check the traps as well. Arthur and Dutch agree to help. They all grab lanterns.

Follow Thomas who informs the men about looking out for alligators. You can use Eagle Eye to help see creatures roaming around in the darkness. You may see a few things lurking about the water in the near distance. The men go to crayfish traps out in the water. Dutch will keep watch and Arthur will help check the traps. Approach the trap and search it. Nothing. Continue to follow Thomas.

After wading through chest-high water Thomas tells you to stop. An alligator crosses ahead. When it clears keep moving. The next trap is stuck in the mud so help Thomas get it out. They pull up the trap which has been destroyed. Thomas says people talked about a large bull alligator but he thought it was nonsense. Guess it wasn't. Dutch doesn't want to hang around so they keep moving. Thomas stops to let three alligators swim by. Keep following Thomas into more deep water. They should have found Jules by now. Arthur is told to go right and the other two will go left.

The myth

Find Jules in the search area. As you approach the area you can call out to him. Passing a small island, call out and Jules will answer. He can be seen up in a tree with a lantern. Get closer and talk to him. Jules says there is a really big alligator that knocked him off his boat and chased him here. The boat is nearby. The alligator went another way. Go to the skiff which is lodged on an old tree. Arthur tries to move it without any luck. He calls to the others. As they make their way over Arthur manages to get the boat loose. The five of them hop in.

Escort the boat to the dock. Jules reiterates about the large alligator that's big and angry. The boat comes to a sudden halt. Jules says they are stuck on a tree stump. Thomas tells Jules to jump out and pull them off. He doesn't like that idea but does what he is told. Thomas thinks Jules was exaggerating about the alligator. Dutch and Arthur will kill it if needed. Jules gets the boat off the stump and starts heading back to the boat. He dunks underneath the water and disappears.

Dutch tells Arthur to go in after Jules. Exit the boat and go over to Jules who has resurfaced a distance away. As you get close to him something raises up in the water and Jules gets taken down again. Search the area and he'll resurface. Go to him and Arthur throws Jules over his shoulder. His leg is bleeding. Head back to the skiff as Dutch and Thomas yell out. Dutch begins shooting past Arthur who thinks Dutch is making fun. If you look back, you might catch a glimpse of something.

The legendary

Get to the side of the boat and Dutch grabs Jules. Arthur gets in after. Dutch fires rounds and tells Arthur to finish it off. Kill the large alligator as it approaches the boat. When it gets close the alligator sinks under the boat and disappears. Thomas thinks it's gone. He gives Arthur a bandage to put on Jules' leg. Wrap the bandage as told and apply pressure. Jules passes out but the bleeding has stopped.

As they approach the dock the alligator surfaces. Once again, kill the large alligator. Dutch says to put all of your ammo into it. Again it sinks under the boat and disappears but a trail of bubbles leads away. All of them will live to see another day. Thomas says Jules was right: big and angry. Dutch compares it to Arthur who says he never heard Dutch squeal before even though he wasn't in the water with the alligator.

At the dock others grab Jules and take him inside. Thomas thanks Dutch and Arthur and will help them however he can. Arthur helps with the boat. Dutch needs to talk with the irritable Molly O'Shea and get his men ready. He'll meet Arthur back here. Thomas tells Arthur that Angelo killed a lot of good people. He wishes them luck and rows off in the boat. The next morning Arthur is found at a campfire outside St. Denis.

Gold Tips

  • Quickly move to Jules' first location. After he gets pulled under keep moving slowly and look around in front of you for him to resurface. Then quickly move to Jules so Arthur grabs him. Spin around towards the boat and go. Your speed will be restricted but do not worry about the alligator.
  • Note that moving in the swamp water drains stamina. When the screen gets blue/purple keep holding run. You should be able to make it back to the boat.
  • You shouldn't have an issue getting six shots on the alligator. Wait for it to get closer so you have a good view. Use Dead Eye to slow time if needed.