Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten

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  • Search every room in Bronte's mansion
  • Carry Bronte to the skiff within 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Get 20 headshots
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten

Time to remove Angelo Bronte from his strong grip on St. Denis. Unlike their previous endeavors in the city, this time they know a hard fight is ahead and they're ready for it.

Rewards: Mauser Pistol

Lessons learned

Arthur meets Dutch, Bill, John, Lenny, and Thomas on the dock. They all hop in the boat and Thomas pushes off. Dutch pokes fun at Bill who in turn talks about the savage Natives. Dutch gets irritated and tells him the only savages are the inbreds around here. Bill saw things but Dutch explains what he actually saw: savage Europeans taking land that wasn't theirs.

They get to shore next to Angelo Bronte's house and the troops hop off the boat. Dutch thanks Thomas who wishes them well. Meet with the others at the wall and climb into Bronte's mansion. Dutch will take Lenny and Bill. John and Arthur will take the left side. If they have a shot, take it. Follow John. They move up to a fountain with two of Bronte's men ahead. Take them out or let John have them.

Knock, knock

After the first shot the fight is on. Bronte's men pour out of the house on all levels. There are 17 of them. Shoot them all dead while moving forward towards the house. When the smoke clears break into Bronte's mansion. Approach the doors and Arthur is given a shotgun for the padlock. Shoot it and then either break the remaining door lock or kick the doors in.

When the doors open you are met with two of Bronte's men. Take them down and move up. There is one to the right in the office if you want him or let John have it. Two more appear in the next hall so do the same. Another is in the foyer and two more busts in through the front door. Take them out as the other gang members clear the left side dining room and parlor.

When they are all dead Dutch says to search upstairs for Angelo. Go up the stairs as one of Bronte's men comes down. Shoot and watch him smash through the window behind him. Continue up the stairs and another runs over from the left. Kill him too. John joins you in searching rooms. Going to the left, the room is a library above the office. Nothing. Going to the far right, the front room has guest beds and one of Bronte's men. Shoot him. Search the cabinet for loot or move on.

The middle room is locked so either break it or kick it in. Upon entering there is no one but around the corner to the left is one of Bronte's men. Shoot him and Arthur spots Angelo himself in the bathtub ahead. Move in and Angelo tries to fire but his gun jams. He throws his gun which hits John in the head. Angelo tells them to name their price. John recovers and knocks him out. They decide to take Angelo to Dutch. The Mauser Pistol he throws is on the floor if you want to take it. Angelo has a wad of cash on him too.

Sharks among gators

Pick up Bronte and carry him downstairs to Dutch. Outside whistles from policemen are heard. As you go down two Lawmen enter the home but Dutch and Lenny take them out. Head towards the back with the others. Lawmen are all over with more entering from the left side. Clear them out and get to the skiff at the dock. They all get in and take off.

Angelo comes to and Dutch asks if they are going to ransom him or what. He reminds Angelo that all his money and men were no match for bumpkins. Angelo offers $1000 to whoever kills Dutch and sets him free. No takers. Angelo continues to run his mouth and Dutch ultimately drowns him over the side of the boat. He then pushes Angelo off as an alligator approaches.

John questions what philosophy of Dutch's covered that action. Weakness, Dutch replies. It was them or Angelo. Dutch was able to choose Angelo. Arthur watches as blood pools in the water. The next morning he is at the camp's dock watching the sunrise.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy getting to Angelo.
  • After you climb over the wall, you can run ahead and start the fight without the others. This will delay them so you can get a few more headshots in but it also means more enemies firing at you.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. Aim for headshots. You should be able to get headshots in the mansion without needing Dead Eye due to the close quarters.
  • Loot enemies to find items to restore Dead Eye such as chewing tobacco.
  • There are around 40 enemies to headshot. It is possible to make 20 before getting to Bronte but you'll need to be quick especially when entering the mansion.
  • There is no accuracy objective but you'll want to be quick to save your health.
  • When searching upstairs, save the middle room (where Bronte is) for last.
  • Once you grab Bronte, quickly move to the boat. Take out a few lawmen on the way but do not stop. Again, aim for headshots.