Urban Pleasures

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  • Rob all the customers in the trolley station
  • Kill 10 lawmen while on the trolley
  • Prevent any lawmen jumping on the back of the wagon
  • Shoot the dynamite Lenny throws
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Urban Pleasures

Dutch wants to take on the streetcar station since Angelo Bronte said there is a lot of cash inside during the day. Should be a simple in-and-out robbery.

Rewards: $16.86

Old school

Dutch and Lenny are in an alley across from the streetcar station. Dutch says they have some money but they need more to get everyone on a boat and leave the country. He made friends with a boat captain who will take them anywhere for a price. To continue building funds they are going to rob the streetcar station. The Pinkertons can't be far behind so they need to move. Dutch and the others put on their bandanas and enter the station.

Once inside, rob the customers. There are three of them around the station. Dutch goes to the clerk and Lenny checks a back room. When complete find Dutch and go to the side of the clerk's area as he fumbles with keys to open the door. Lenny says there is nothing on his end. When the door opens walk inside and force the clerk to open the safe. The clerk continuously says there isn't much in it. After he opens the safe go loot it. Arthur looks around and confirms there is next to nothing. Lenny informs them about the small army of police officers arriving outside. Angelo set them up.

No fare

Looking around for options, Dutch see a streetcar passing by. He tells the others to get on and they run to it. Dutch tosses the operator out and Arthur gets in the rear with Lenny up front. Back in control, fend off the lawmen as the streetcar moves through the streets. There are four across from the station. On the main road three are off to the right. Shoot them. Lenny says they are coming up on the left now.

Switch sides as two lawmen ride up on horseback plus one on foot and a fourth up on a balcony. Rounding a bend there are two lawmen on foot. One is at the bank and the other past the next street. A third is on a balcony above him. One more lawman is at the saloon. Shoot them all and Dutch says the streetcar is speeding up. Arthur tries to slow it but the controls only spark. He goes back to the rear and braces himself telling the others to hold on.

Running the streets

The streetcar jumps the tracks on a turn and smashes into a wagon before rolling on its side. As they crawl out whistles from incoming police officers are heard. Dutch took a good hit to the head so he'll be restricted. Arthur takes cover as lawmen approach from all sides. There are two on horseback in front of you plus four on foot. Two more are up high towards the left. On each side are two lawmen back behind cover a short distance away.


Take out most of them and then follow Lenny ahead. More appear from the building on the right plus two on horseback from the street so watch your back. In a courtyard two lawmen are on the balconies above with the one on the right coming down stairs. Shoot them and keep following Lenny out to the street. Two lawmen are on the left and one more uses a wagon to block the road. On the opposite side a lone lawman is on a balcony at the end of the block but another rides in with a horse. Kill them and go to the left on the next street.

Three lawmen come around the next corner with one high up. Take them out as another arrives on a horse. When they are dead go right. There is a lawman up high on the book store. Kill him as one on a horse rides up plus another above the doctor office to the left. When they are dead two more arrive on horseback along the church. Making another right at the church, two lawmen are on foot. Kill them and Dutch says to go to the wagon. Two more lawmen are on the right as you run to it. Kill them and get on the front of the wagon with Lenny at the reigns. Dutch climbs on the rear.

Express route

As Lenny drives off two lawmen come from behind on horseback. If they get close they'll try to jump on the wagon so make sure they don't make it that far. As Lenny shifts between streets two more come from the left and right on the main road. Continuing on, one is to the right along the building and more on horseback come from the next two cross streets with one mounted lawman each plus one on foot from the left. Shoot them all.

At the end of the street two lawmen on foot await to the left. Up the block two on horseback give chase from the right. Wipe them out. Lenny drives out onto a bridge but police have a blockade on the other side. Dutch lights a stick of dynamite and hands it to Lenny who throws. Arthur enters Dead Eye for you to shoot it. If not, it still blows and clears the road.

The heat is lost and they find a spot in the swamp to stop. Arthur divides the measly loot. He tells Dutch that Angelo doesn't want him around. Dutch says they need one more good score and they can leave. The bank is it. Hosea agrees. Lenny takes Dutch back to camp.

Gold Tips

  • There is no time objective so take it easy at the station and running through the streets.
  • Rob the three customers. Easy.
  • You only have around 15 chances to get headshots during the streetcar ride (only 12 next to you during the ride) so try to get every lawman possible. If you want to save some effort, leave the three away from you at the station and the two up high.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it.
  • There is no accuracy objective but you need to be quick with headshots on the streetcar ride. You'll also want to save your health while running on foot.
  • There is plenty of cover during the escape on foot. Use the buildings to your advantage.
  • While escaping on the wagon, shoot the lawmen as quickly as possible to prevent them from jumping on. Don't worry about the ones on foot. Save your ammo.
  • The dynamite stick can be difficult to see. Aim ahead before Lenny throws to give yourself a little more time to set up. A good place to aim is the top of the far end of bridge. When the stick comes close, shoot. You need to be quick.