Do Not Seek Absolution - II

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  • Find Edith Downes within 1 minute 10 seconds

Do Not Seek Absolution - II

Edith refuses to leave with Arthur's money so Arthur will try to persuade her. Hopefully he reaches her before it's too late.

Rewards: -$90

Note: This is an optional mission but will show in the Rockstar Games Social Club as missing if not done. It will automatically fill in after completing the game's story.

Righting a wrong

Archie is found next to the beer hall in Annesburg. His mother refused to leave with Arthur's money since it wouldn't be moral. He hasn't seen her in a few hours. The last man she was with didn't look right to Archie. He points Arthur towards Willard's Rest. Arthur will look for her.

Go to the bridge to the north. When you get there use Eagle Eye to search for a trail. You'll find one on the road going west. Follow it to a horse and Edith Downes not too far past it. The man she is with talks about being in jail. Arthur tells him to leave and eventually he does with a little threatening. Arthur coughs while trying to talk to Edith and she says he sounds like her husband. He knows. Arthur apologizes again. He was a fool and is now suffering for his foolishness.


Arthur tries to reason with Edith by reminding her that she has a son and shouldn't let pride get in the way. Persuade Edith to leave by either asking or demanding. When she agrees to go home take her back to Annesburg. Arthur isn't looking for forgiveness. Edith tells him to leave the guilt behind. Help someone who can still be helped even himself - or he can hang for all she cares. Fair enough.

In Annesburg go over to Archie with Edith. Once again Arthur tells them to leave the area and start over. He's seen pride kill too many people. Arthur hands them $90 which Edith reluctantly takes. They go into the beer hall and Arthur steps away.

Gold Tips

  • Simply go up the railroad tracks to the bridge and then follow the road northwest. There is a small trail on the right leading to the horse. You shouldn't have an issue finding Edith and making the time objective. Use Eagle Eye to spot the trail if needed.