The Delights of Van Horn

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  • Headshot 5 soldiers with a long scoped rifle
  • Complete with at least 85% accuracy

The Delights of Van Horn

The gang needs dynamite for a big distraction and luckily there is a wagon full of it coming through Van Horn. Of course the guards won't give it up easily.

Rewards: Carcano Rifle

Dutch's #2 man

Micah and Bill are waiting at the rundown house west of Van Horn. Micah questions if Arthur was followed to which Arthur begins an angry tirade about Pinkertons always finding them with Micah around. A coughing fit ends his rant and Micah gets back to the reason they are there. They need to get explosives to blow up a bridge which will keep the Army away for a few days. Micah says this will distract the law so Micah and Dutch can go back to Blackwater and get the money before they all leave on a boat. Bill and Arthur will rob a stagecoach from Annesburg full of dynamite. Micah has his own planning to do. They walk off.

Mount your horse and follow Bill to the ambush location. They are going to jump it at Van Horn. Arthur tells Bill that Micah and Dutch are becoming unhinged. Bill thinks Arthur is getting soft. Up ahead Bill spots a Pinkerton patrol but they turn off. Continue on to the Van Horn Inn. Bill wants Arthur to play dead in the street but Arthur thinks Bill is the better actor. Bill agrees and takes position as the stagecoach approaches.

Hazardous cargo

Take position upstairs in the abandon Sheriff office and wait for Bill to begin the attack. The stagecoach comes rolling into town under escort. Bill wanders out into the street and drops. One of the guards goes over and tells the presumably drunk Bill to move. When he gets close Bill shoots him. Kill the remaining five wagon guards. They take cover behind crates on both sides of the road. The last one will flee.

When the area is clear get on the wagon. Bill will drive back towards camp. Hopefully they can make it without blowing themselves up. Not long after leaving Van Horn three lawmen appear behind you. Kill them. The game reminds you not to let them shoot through your cargo or else the dynamite will be exposed. Turning at the river, two more appear from the south plus a third ahead at the next intersection. Take them out.


Continuing along the river three lawmen come from the right so kill them too. Arriving in Butcher Creek there are two more on the right. When they are dead Arthur doesn't see any more. You can swap drivers if you wish and go to the meeting point. Arthur doesn't think this distraction plan makes much sense. Bill says that's the point but Arthur believes it should make sense to them at least.

The wagons stops at Micah and John. Micah begins barking orders telling John to take the wagon to Bacchus Bridge and Bill to take a walk so he can talk with Arthur. Micah admits he is annoying to Arthur but they need to stick together to live. The bridge is a two-man job so he should probably go help John. Micah needs to go help Dutch plan about a train. There's a big picture to it. Trust him. Micah rides off.

Gold Tips

  • There is no time objective so take it easy where you can.
  • Use a sniper to headshot the guards (soldiers) with the wagon. There are only five left so you need to get them all.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. You can try to wait for the guards to stay still behind cover to save a little. You'll want it for the last one that flees.
  • Try to take out the guards on the left first so the last one that flees is on the right and you'll have a better shot at him.
  • Wait for the lawmen to get a little close or out of the trees so you have a good shot. You don't need headshots but it will help get them off you quickly.
  • If you want to increase your accuracy count aim for non-lethal parts such as arms or torso.