Fatherhood, for Beginners

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  • Tire out Jeremiah within 45 seconds
  • Feed Jeremiah a treat
  • Teach Jack to ride without his horse bucking him off
  • Win the race back to Pronghorn Ranch

Fatherhood, for Beginners

John puts his horse experience to the test by teaching Geddes' son to ride and reinforces his own son's skills. As for helping a horse give birth, Mrs. Geddes can teach John a thing or two.

Rewards: $3

Sharing knowledge

Geddes and Abe exit the main house. Geddes says they are missing horses, another is about to give birth in the stable, and they have no ranch hands. John has experience with horses and will help with whatever they need. He is told to help Mr. Geddes' son named Duncan who calls out for assistance. Geddes says his son likes to ride a horse that's too strong for him. His wife will need help too with the mare giving birth. Geddes tells Abe that he and Dickens better not mess up again and rides off.

Follow Abe who will bring John to Duncan. John asks if Geddes is going into town for business with the Laramie boys but Abe says that's not why. Duncan is ahead fighting with a horse so Abe sends John along and walks off. Go over to Duncan. He denies needing help but the horse rears up and scares him back. Calm the horse named Jeremiah. Eventually it calms down. Duncan asks John to teach him how to handle horses. John agrees but first he needs to tire out the horse.

Get on Jeremiah and ride out into the fields to tire him out. Deplete his stamina and return to Duncan in the middle pen back at the ranch. You can give Jeremiah an apple from your horse items. John dismounts and Duncan gets on. Watch him go in circles around the pen while John gives him pointers. Duncan says he had a pony but is too grown for him now. He agrees to let Jack use it and will hitch it outside their cabin. As for the Laramie boys, Duncan says Mr. Abel is richer than his father and has all the hired guns. John tells him not to worry and focus on Jeremiah.

Learning curve

Mrs. Geddes approaches the pen and says John was supposed to help her. He apologizes. She tells Duncan to stop distracting the ranch hands. He also apologizes. Follow Mrs. Geddes to the stable. John says he doesn't know much about this and Mrs. Geddes wonders where her husband finds help like him - certainly not what he's looking for in town. Mrs. Geddes takes John into the stall. He just needs to reach a hand in and feel for the legs.

Follow the prompts to find the legs, grip them, and pull the foal out. Unlike skinning, this is all off camera. Mrs. Geddes is impressed. They'll make a ranch hand out of John yet. She tells him to make a call at the house sometime - perhaps right now to have a drink in celebration of the new arrival. John explains his wife is expecting him. Mrs. Geddes didn't realize he was married. In that case she doesn't have time and walks out.

Jim Milton and Son

John exits the stable and you are told to go to the house. Duncan's pony is hitched up as promised. Inside John questions Abigail if this is what she wanted. Dickens definitely sees through the fake names. Abigail says this is their chance to make something new. Do it for her and Jack who has gotten very quiet. Abigail asks John to take him out. He agrees and tells Jack they are going for a walk. Both walk out of the house.

Grab your horse. John tells Jack that Mr. Geddes lent them the pony and to get on. Ride with Jack who is a little nervous. They'll go to the stream nearby. John gives him pointers. Out on the road you can tell John to speed up or slow down. Don't let him go too fast or he'll get bucked off. Eventually he'll turn off to the stream.

Once at the stream John says it's time to go back. Why not have a father-son race? Back to the path and up to the ranch. Jack agrees and says when to go. When he does, race to the ranch. The two exchange jabs during the ride. The finish line is at the north end. Cinematics take it from there. Arriving at the cabin they hitch the horses. John says Jack's riding has improved and to keep practicing. Jack goes inside.


If you complete this mission before Farming, for Beginners, you'll see the family having breakfast the next morning. Abigail says she is going to work cleaning the doctor's office. She says goodbye and walks out. John tells Jack to clean up the house and goes outside too.

If you complete this mission after Farming, for Beginners, you'll see a commotion by the barn. This leads into Old Habits.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy.
  • Fastest way to tire out Jeremiah is to make him do jumps (no need to jump over any actual objects). Do jumps over and over until his stamina ring depletes. Then smash the run button to start depleting his core which is the tiring point.
  • Before returning to Duncan pull up the weapon wheel, go to horse items, then select the apple on the left. This is the "treat".
  • You do not need to tell Jack to speed up or slow down during the ride. Just let him move on his own. If you are impatient and want to speed things up, only tell him once. The horse will slow at two points and you can speed him up again.
  • To win the race follow the path above in purple. Jack will follow the "rules" and go back to the path.