Old Habits

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  • Defeat the Laramie without taking a hit
  • Defeat the Laramie within 25 seconds

Old Habits

Laramie boys return to the ranch and harass Abe. Not able to resist, John goes over to break it up and gives the leader a message he won't forget.

Rewards: None

Here we go again

When the previous mission is complete you are told to investigate a disturbance nearby. Two men are on horseback and a third has Abe cornered. When you approach the third shoots the ground around Abe with his gun. He tells Abe to watch his mouth or he'll be the first killed. John intervenes and prods the gunman by calling them vermin. The gunman swings but John ducks.

Beat up the Laramie gang member. He goes down without much issue. Continue beating him. Abigail runs over and pulls John off. The leader, adjusting himself after the beating, turns his attention and words towards Abigail before getting on his horse. He tells Abe to let Geddes know they were here. They'll be back. All three ride out. Abe thanks John but Abigail tells him to stop acting like a storybook hero. She walks off in anger.

Later on John is cleaning up manure. The voice of Dutch plays in his head saying they all get caught eventually. The trick is to decide by who. John puts the pitchfork down.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy walking over.
  • All you need to do is continuously punch the Laramie. Do not give him time to hit back. You'll even throw him to the ground just by pounding the same button. Once he's down finish him off.